2020 NRAO/GBO Summer Student Symposium

The summer students at NRAO/GBO each year give a talk at the end of the summer to present their research to our staff, and the undergrads and some grad students prepare a written report on their research. In 2020 because of the pandemic, these presentations were given by zoom during the "2020 Summer Student Symposium". This page records the proceedings of this symposium, including the recorded talks and written reports.

Date Site Time (EDT) Student Talk Title (link goes to recorded talk) Link to summer report
Monday 8/3 CV 12:00 Josef Zimmerman Testing and Improving Features in PINT Report
  CV 12:20 Emiko Gardiner Searching for X-Shape Radio Galaxies Hosting Binary Supermassive Black Holes Report
  CV 12:40 Diego Garcia Study of z<0.2 QSO Sample: the Relationship Between QSOs and their Host Galaxy Report
  CV 13:00 Christa DeCoursey Tracing the Star Formation Activity in the Most Distant Galaxies in the Universe Report
  CV 13:20 Abigail Harden How Many Stars are Formed in Galaxies? Tracing the Stellar Birth Rate in Galaxies with Radio Telescopes Report
  CV 13:40 Savannah Woods An Analysis of Continuum Emission from NGC5331 Report
  SO 14:00 Trevor McCaffrey Exploring the origin of radio emission in radio-quiet QSOs Report
  SO 14:20 Mihika Rao VLBI Imaging of VLASS Detections Report
  SO 14:40 Kadin Worthen Investigating the Possibility of High Mass Star Formation in Infrared Dark Clouds Using Carbon Chain Chemistry Report
Tuesday 8/4 GB 12:00 Lulu Agazie Planning Next-Gen GBT Pulsar Surveys Report
  GB 12:20 Maile Harris Modeling Quartz Window Efficiency for an Ultra-wideband Receiver for the GBT Report
  GB 12:40 Daniel Johnson Refactoring and Expanding Matlab Mars Ice Modeling Software Report
  GB 13:00 Savannah Cary Identifying and Simulating Hydrogen in the Galactic Center Outflow Report
  GB 13:20 Laura Leyzorek General GBT Monitoring System
  -- 13:40 --   Report
  SO 14:00 Savannah Gramze Colliding Clouds in the Milky Way’s Central Bar Report
  SO 14:20 Serena Cronin What Surrounds the Supermassive Black Hole Sgr A*? Report
  SO 14:40 Azia Robinson Comprehensive SEDs of Intermediate and High-mass Protostars from Infrared to Radio Report
Wednesday 8/5 CV 12:00 Mark Siebert Peeling Back the Onion: An Archival Study of Chemistry in the Warm Circumstellar Regions of IRC+10216 Grad student
  GB 12:20 Genna Crom Measuring Gas Temperatures in the 'Sticks' Cloud Report
  CV 12:40 Yiqing Song Resolving Nuclear Ring Star Formation with the VLA Grad student
  CV 13:00 Elizabeth Teng Surrogate Modeling of Protoplanetary SEDs Grad student
  CV 13:20 Thomas Forrester Field Programmable Gate Arrays - Implementing a Programmable Frequency Generator Report
  CV 13:40 Casey Block Molecular Outflows in Serpens South Report
  CV 14:00 Kyle Massingill SZE Halos Around High-z Galaxies Grad student
  -- 14:20 --  
  -- 14:40 --  
Thursday 8/6 GB 12:00 Efrain Rodriguez-Arzaga Exploring New RFI Excision Techniques Report
  GB 12:20 Isabel Hunt CLEO to pyCLEO: Software for GBT Astronomers and Engineers Report
  GB 12:40 Max Mason Surface Scan Masking with LASSI Report
  GB 13:00 Alex Johnson Locating Massive Stars in the Outer Milky Way Report
  GB 13:20 Olivia Young Ranking Pulsar Plots using Coherence Measures Report
  SO 13:40 Henry Prager Assessment of Radio Calibrators using Visibility Properties Report
  SO 14:00 Nycole Wenner Variability in 44GHz Class I Methanol Masers in DR21(OH) Report
  SO 14:20 Shrishti Yadav Quantifying the effect of RFI decorrelation for the ngVLA : The first steps Grad student
  SO 14:40 Brian Kirk RFI Database Grad student

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