So why is UV coverage so important for imaging?:

This group meeting is in light of the PRIMER discussions of why we still want to illustrate to people that even though the sensitivity calculator says it will take 3 mins to reach the desired SNR, they should collect data to fill in the UV plane in order to make a proper image. Looking through our Interferometry Bibles, I believe some of the relevant reading material will be:
  • Thompson, Moran and Swanson - Chapters 5 and part of 10
  • Synthesis Imaging in Radio Astronomy II - Chapter 7 on Imaging

Also, I am planning on playing with the summer school data from IRC+10216 so we can see what the UV coverage looks like and then playing with various parameters like uvtaper, weighting schemes, time, etc...The data can be found at:

If you have any other examples or references, please send them along.

Relevant Reading Material sent from Scott:

-- AnthonyRemijan - 2010-10-26

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