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Laboratory Measurements: Apponi, A. J., McCarthy, M. C., Gottlieb, C. A. & Thaddeus, P., The Radio Spectra of SICCH, SICN, and SINC, 2000, ApJL, 536, L55

Molecular Constants:
  • Dipole Moment 2.9 Debye

Astronomical Detection: Guelin, Muller, Cernicharo, Apponi, McCarthy, Gottlieb and Thaddeus, Astronomical Detection of the Free Radical SiCN, 2000, A&A 363, L9. SiCN is a linear radical with a X 2Π electronic ground state. Its rotational spectral lines appear as a series of lambda-doubled transitions with further splitting owing to lambda doubling and magnetic hyperfine structure. All three doublets lying within the upper portion of the atmospheric 3mm window were detected, though some were contaminated by other lines, in observations at the IRAM 30m telescope towards IRC+10216.
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