I'm in the process of cleaning up and reorganizing (or removing) the online sdfits documentation. This page is just here to help me in that process.

The release notes aren't included here, but they start from this page: SoftwareReportCentral_ReleaseNotes

That page has these links:

These two pages appear to have at one time be linked from SdfitsUsage, both are obviously old an can probably be removed:
  • SdfitsExamples - although perhaps there should be some set of examples somewhere
  • SdfitsRequests - do we need a known issues page? A link to past SDFITS MRs? I doubt it, just asking.

Other relevant pages:
  • SdfitsDetails - This is something I wrote detailing how sdfits takes the M&C FITS file contents and turns them into the SDFITS file. It's a useful detailed documentation of what sdfits does but it lacks a home in the official sdfits documentation.
  • SdfitsFrequencyAxisDocumentation - something Paul appears to have done once, I'm not sure what's relevant now. I need to sort out how you might arrive at this document.
  • OnlineSdfits - documents the online sdfits a bit and how to figure out what's going wrong. Make sure it's up to date. Is there a need to provide a link to it from anywhere else?
  • OnlineSdfitsRecovery - this is the operators equivalent to the previous link. Is appears to be accurate and there's likely no need to change it.

Old things:

There was a Unified FITS project for awhile that was an attempt to unify GB and Arecibo FITS fits. It's all so old at this point that it would probably be better off to just start over. Should any of this be preserved? It's not really related to the sdfits tool, but I did find it in my searches so it's listed here.

-- BobGarwood - 2011-03-25
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