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Last updated by Scott Rankin on 05-13 per instructions from Mark Rawlings.

Last reviewed by Mark Rawlings on 05-12.

  1. Publish CASA 4.2.2 on EL5, EL6 and OS X 10.7. See CAS-6369.
    • "push on getting a user-testable RHEL package done ASAP, and take the subsequent hit on the OS X delivery time." - Mark via e-mail, 05-13.
  2. Prepare for my orderly departure from NRAO. See CAS-6513.
  3. Routine packaging.
  4. JIRA tickets, in priority order.
  5. Everything else.

On Hold

  1. Wipe and reinstall 10.7 on cbt-d11-1, reconfigure for 10.7 CASA development.
    • pending plan for allocating OS X development and test systems in DSOC.


  1. Publish CASA 4.2.1 OS X 10.7. See CAS-6357.
  2. Configure an OS X 10.7 development system for Susan Loveland. See CAS-6426.
    • Ready for Susan.
  3. Publish CASA 4.2.1 EL5 and EL6 only, internally to CASA.
  4. Publish CASA Linux test packages from CASA 4.3 trunk. See CAS-6429.
  5. Build and test CASA trunk on EL6. See CAS-5383
  6. Collect OS X 10.7 test & debugging data for CASA 4.2.1
    1. Re run failing tests with only an ssh connection - to see if others can test and debug without a dedicated Mac.
    2. Collect 10.8 and 10.9 data where possible.
    3. Re run failing tests on Linux to see if they can be debugged there.
    • data recorded in JIRA.
  7. Publish CASA 4.2.1 on EL5, EL6. See CAS-6357.

Re plan

  1. Complete update of 3rd party packages on OS X. See CAS-5903.
  2. Update OS X packaging scripts for changes to CASA 3rd party packages. See CAS-6281


From 2011-2014 PEPs, reorganized for easier measurement, and listed in priority order based on recent instructions from management.

  • Deliver CASA packages to users.
    • Deploy CASA packages to all NRAO sites.
    • Publish CASA packages for use outside of NRAO.
    • Coordinate deployment of CASA packages with NRAO Helpdesk.

  • Build and Acceptance Test CASA packages for
    • release,
    • prerelease,
    • stable, and
    • test.
    • This includes pre-package build and post-package build testing to isolate the source of issues found in packages.

  • Create and monitor change control branches required to build CASA packages, particularly releases.
    • Merge CASA code between change control branches to ensure correct CASA features are included in release packages.
    • Help CASA developers use change control to minimize the cost of delivering CASA.

  • Monitor CASA automated build and test systems.
    • Assist developers in resolving CASA issues exposed by automated build and test.
    • Extend automated build and test systems to improve CASA test coverage.

  • Deliver 3rd party packages required by CASA developers.
    • Ensure CASA can deliver correct, reproducible 3rd party packages to all CASA developers on all CASA supported Linux distributions and OS X versions.
      • Document procedures for setting up CASA development computers.
      • Ensure source code used to build CASA 3rd party packages is kept in CASA change control.
      • Coordinate deployment of CASA 3rd party packages with NRAO helpdesk.
    • Working with NRAO Helpdesk, deploy CASA 3rd party packages to CASA developers at all NRAO sites.
    • Publish CASA 3rd party packages for use by CASA developers outside of NRAO.

  • Improve CASA build and tests automation.

  • Investigate issues reported by CASA users for OS related issues, resolve where possible.

  • Organize and maintain the CASA Software Engineering Wiki.
    • Coordinate or lead several Software Engineering projects listed on the CASA Software Engineering Wiki.

  • Provide assistance to CASA developers on the topics of
    • Software Change Control
    • Software Delivery (deployment within NRAO and publishing outside of NRAO)
    • General Software Development
    • General Software Engineering
    • Linux
    • OS X
    • Python
    • Bash


Work Bookmarks

Personal: Calendar | ESO public wiki | NRAO internal wiki

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CASA: Home | Help Desk | Wiki | CASA Index | CASA Software Engineering | Subversion (checkout) | Subversion (view) | Continuous build/test | Daily "regression" test | JIRA | Linux packages | Mac packages | old build/test notes | Old CASA Build Notes


Create project pages for:

Notes, not ready to share: | CASA Test Noise | CASA Python Coding Standards | Charlottesville Trip 2012-07 | Consolidate Automation | ScottRankinEasierShellLibrary | Software Version Numbers

I no longer work on ALMA. The links below are not maintained.

ALMA: Home | Science Archive | EDM | SW Wiki | Issue Tracking (Jira)

ALMA Software Subsystems:

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ALMA Travel:

ALMA Test Systems:


2010 PEP Projects:
  • Complete Array Status GUI - OMC plugin due in Chile 2010-12-01, Web monitor due 2010-04-01
  • Extend Antenna Status GUI - due 2010-04-01
    • Add DGCK
    • Add Front End
  • New ACD Hardware Device GUI - due 2010-04-01
  • New WVR Hardware Device GUI - due 2010-04-01

2009 PEP Projects:

Other Projects:


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