NRAO Science and Technical (SciTech) Discussion Group

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NRAO SciTech Group

A discussion group for the exchange of information on technical issues related to NRAO's observatory science capabilities.

  • Next meeting:
    • Date: September 15, 2017
    • Time: 14:00 ET
    • Duration: 1.0 hr
    • ER-230 and NTC-400
  • Meeting Frequency and Day/Time: Every third Friday of the month at noon (with some variations)

Table of Contents:

NRAO SciTech Discussion Group

With a goal toward improving the information flow between scientists and engineers who work to support, develop, and upgrade our telescope facilities, the SciTech discussions are organized to provide a venue for scientists and engineers to discuss the connections between instrumentation and software/algorithm issues/upgrades and the science capabilities they affect.

2017-09-15 Meeting (Topic: Upgrade to the 64-Antenna ALMA Correlator)

2017-07-07 Meeting (Topic: Superconducting Parametric Amplifiers: The Next Big Thing in Millimeter-wave Receivers)

2017-06-16 Meeting (Topic: ALMA Band 2+)

2017-02-24 Meeting (Topic: Extremely Low-Noise Cryogenic Amplifiers for Radio Astronomy: Past, Present, and Future)

2017-01-20 Meeting (Topic: Developing a General Automasking Algorithm for the ALMA Imaging Pipeline)

2016-04-01 Meeting (Topic: ngVLA Surface Brightness Sensitivity Considerations)

2016-02-12 Meeting (Topic: The ALMA Development Program: Present and Future)

2015-12-04 Meeting (Topic: Relative Integration Times and Spatial Response of the ALMA 12m, 7m, and Total Power Arrays)

2015-10-16 Meeting (Topic: Total Power Measurements and ALMA Correlator Data Processing)

2015-09-18 Meeting (Topic: The ALMA Online Control Software: An Overview and Way to Improve Data Quality)

2015-08-26 Meeting (Topics: Combining ALMA 12m Array and ACA Data and Self Calibration)

2015-07-17 Meeting (Topics: Combining ALMA 12m Array and ACA Data)

2015-06-19 Meeting (Topics: ALMA Study Proposals)

Future Discussion Topics and Leads

  • Self Calibration Best Practices (Ed Fomalont)
  • The Phase Calibration Model and Design for ALMA (TBD)
  • Optimal Interferometric Zero-Spacing Measurement (TBD)

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