2020 NRAO/GBO Summer Student Presentation Schedule

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Date Site Time (EDT) Student Talk Title
Monday 8/3 CV 12:00 Josef Zimmerman Testing and Improving Features in PINT
  CV 12:20 Emiko Gardiner Searching for X-Shape Radio Galaxies Hosting Binary Supermassive Black Holes
  CV 12:40 Diego Garcia Study of z<0.2 QSO Sample: the Relationship Between QSOs and their Host Galaxy
  CV 13:00 Christa DeCoursey Tracing the Star Formation Activity in the Most Distant Galaxies in the Universe
  CV 13:20 Abigail Harden How Many Stars are Formed in Galaxies? Tracing the Stellar Birth Rate in Galaxies with Radio Telescopes
  CV 13:40 Savannah Woods An Analysis of Continuum Emission from NGC5331
  SO 14:00 Trevor McCaffrey Exploring the origin of radio emission in radio-quiet QSOs
  SO 14:20 Mihika Rao VLBI Imaging of VLASS Detections
  SO 14:40 Kadin Worthen Investigating the Possibility of High Mass Star Formation in Infrared Dark Clouds Using Carbon Chain Chemistry
Tuesday 8/4 GB 12:00 Lulu Agazie Planning Next-Gen GBT Pulsar Surveys
  GB 12:20 Maile Harris Modeling Quartz Window Efficiency for an Ultra-wideband Receiver for the GBT
  GB 12:40 Daniel Johnson Refactoring and Expanding Matlab Mars Ice Modeling Software
  GB 13:00 Savannah Cary Identifying and Simulating Hydrogen in the Galactic Center Outflow
  GB 13:20 Laura Leyzorek General GBT Monitoring System
  -- 13:40 --  
  SO 14:00 Savannah Gramze Colliding Clouds in the Milky Way’s Central Bar
  SO 14:20 Serena Cronin What Surrounds the Supermassive Black Hole Sgr A*?
  SO 14:40 Azia Robinson Comprehensive SEDs of Intermediate and High-mass Protostars from Infrared to Radio
Wednesday 8/5 CV 12:00 Mark Siebert Peeling Back the Onion: An Archival Study of Chemistry in the Warm Circumstellar Regions of IRC+10216
  GB 12:20 Genna Crom Measuring Gas Temperatures in the 'Sticks' Cloud
  CV 12:40 Yiqing Song Resolving Nuclear Ring Star Formation with the VLA
  CV 13:00 Elizabeth Teng Surrogate Modeling of Protoplanetary SEDs
  CV 13:20 Thomas Forrester Field Programmable Gate Arrays - Implementing a Programmable Frequency Generator
  CV 13:40 Casey Block Molecular Outflows in Serpens South
  CV 14:00 Kyle Massingill SZE Halos Around High-z Galaxies
  -- 14:20 --  
  -- 14:40 --  
Thursday 8/6 GB 12:00 Efrain Rodriguez-Arzaga Exploring New RFI Excision Techniques
  GB 12:20 Isabel Hunt CLEO to pyCLEO: Software for GBT Astronomers and Engineers
  GB 12:40 Max Mason Surface Scan Masking with LASSI
  GB 13:00 Alex Johnson Locating Massive Stars in the Outer Milky Way
  GB 13:20 Olivia Young Ranking Pulsar Plots using Coherence Measures
  SO 13:40 Henry Prager Assessment of Radio Calibrators using Visibility Properties
  SO 14:00 Nycole Wenner Variability in 44GHz Class I Methanol Masers in DR21(OH)
  SO 14:20 Shrishti Yadav Quantifying the effect of RFI decorrelation for the ngVLA : The first steps
  SO 14:40 Brian Kirk RFI Database
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