Outline for "A Guide for Proposing to Use ALMA During Early Science (for NA Astronomers)"

  • Intro
    • What is ALMA? (brief, 1 paragraph)
    • What is Early Science?
    • When are proposal deadlines and when is early science?
    • When do we expect the next proposal deadline?
    • Who can propose?
    • Types of proposals: Standard, Large, ToO
    • How will time be allocated?

  • Support for ALMA Users
    • About the NAASC
    • Funding for students, travel, page charges, other
    • Where to get help

  • Capabilities during Early Science
    • Antennas/Receivers
    • Correlator capabilities
    • Standard Observing Modes (?)
    • Single-dish vs. Interferometric modes (?)

  • Designing your experiment
    • "science goal" methodology
    • sensitivity calculator
    • U-V coverage requirements
    • overhead estimation

  • Creating & Submitting a Proposal
    • Prerequisites
      • User Portal
      • Requirements for running OT
    • Parts of an observing proposal
      • Science justification (mandatory)
      • Technical justification (why do we need it? What goes in here?)
      • Optional additional pages for figures or tables
      • How are source lists prepared?
    • Use of the OT (brief)

  • References and list of other essential documents
    • Primer
    • OT User's Guide

Other Info that needs to be included:
  • will this be the only call for early science proposals
  • will there be "large" proposals
  • When will responses be sent?
  • travel expectations: will the user be expected to travel to NAASC for obs prepration or data reduction?
  • Are projects with students given special consideration?


-- JimBraatz - 2010-10-22

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