Q3 FY2009 Observatory Metrics

April 1, 2009 through June 30, 2009

Collected Data


  • Chart 1 Image:

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  • Chart 3 Image:

  • Chart 4A:

  • Chart 4A map:
    projects states all telescopes.png

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  • Chart 4B map:
    projects countries all telescopes.png

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Observing Statistics "Registry"


We would like to keep track of what observing statistical data are available, who keeps track of / "owns" / maintains that data, what reports and charts we generate each quarter, and how to build those reports and charts from the available data. In other words, we would like to build a registry -- a system to track this process, help understand who's involved, allow staff to present the data they maintain, support continuity of reporting, promote a continuous improvement process, and allow everyone involved to note findings along the way.

Such a registry would contain at least 3 types of records:

Type Basic Description
data a record of available observing statistics data, who keeps track of it, and how to get it
report a record of a target report and/or chart which condenses or illustrates observing summaries
workflow a recipe for building reports from available data

We would also like to be able to add notes to records stored in the registry, as needed.


At the moment, we have:

  • structured a few examples of observing statistics data, reports, and workflows
  • put those examples into a very simple demo search index for keeping track of our process to produce quarterly reports
  • published early results here (you are reading it)

Things are still in a demo/pilot phase. We'd all like to understand how to keep track of and improve the process of observing statistics. We are far from any type of deployment for such a system, but with everyone's help and input, we can better understand how to proceed. Ask Nicole and Ron for a demo, or see the examples below.

Example Content

To demonstrate the type of information we'd like to collect:

VLA Operations Statement (data)

  • owner: Peggy Perley
  • description: Spreadsheet containing project code (legacy ID), total observing time attempted, real outage hours, calculated hours observed, and dates. Summary table shows astronomy time, maintenance time, test time, shutdown time, and unscheduled time. Downtime summary table indicates causes of problems that led to outages.
  • frequency: monthly
  • input:
    • email to Nicole Radziwill
  • output:

Quarterly Telescope Utilization Charts (report)

Produce Quarterly Telescope Utilization Reports (workflow)

  • input:
    • VLA Operations Statement
    • VLBA Operations Statement
    • GBT Operations Statement
  • output:
    • Quarterly Telescope Utilization Charts
  • recipe:
    • Copy summary table information from the input data sources and plot as bar charts and pie charts.
    • scheduled = (actual astronomy) + downtime
    • scheduled VLA = (astronomy actual hours) / (1 - downtime% as decimal); example: downtime 8.85% is 0.0885.
    • actual VLA = astronomy actual hours
    • scheduled GBT = astronomical observations total hours column
    • actual GBT = (astronomical observations total hours) - (astronomical observations lost hours)
  • flow chart: Error: can't fetch image from 'http://example.com/path/to/flow/chart.jpg': 404 Not Found

Demonstrating the Idea

Screenshots to demonstrate the idea:

  • Example of how the registry might look.:

  • Example of showing a recipe for generating reports, linking to info on data and results.:

  • Example of tracking available observing statistics data in a registry.:

-- NicoleRadziwill - 2009-07-21
-- RonDuPlain - 2009-07-21

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