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Table of Postdoc Contact Information and Expertise:

Please enter your contact information in the table below. If you have expertise in something that your fellow postdocs could benefit from (e.g. a programming language, ALMA observing, etc.) and that you would be willing to answer questions about, please note that here.

Name Office # Email Address Office Phone Expertise
Rachel Friesen 353 244-6837 IDL, CASA, MIRIAD, mm/submm observing, running, hockey
Huib Intema 353 244-6805 AIPS, Python, ParselTongue, C, IDL; (E)VLA, GMRT 330 MHz and below; Wide-field calibration and imaging; Algorithm development; Galaxy cluster halos and relics, high-z radio galaxies, Lyman-break galaxies
Amanda Kepley 208 (Tuesdays); UVA Astronomy 237 otherwise ( also works) 924-3104 (NRAO); 924-4897 (UVA) GBT, EVLA, KP 12m, IDL, GBTIDL, CASA, AIPS, some Miriad, centimeter observing, centimeter radio continuum, dwarf galaxies, trashy fantasy novels
Amy Kimball 305 244-6824 IDL, Emacs, CASA, Rock climbing
Nuria Marcelino 309 296-0228 GILDAS, single-dish observations, astrochemistry in molecular clouds
Juan Carlos Munoz-Mateos 312 296-0276 Iraf, R3D/E3D, gnuplot, GALEX, Spitzer, optical IFU, dust in galaxies, disk evolution
Robin Pulliam 309 296-0373 CLASS, unipops, GBTIDL, mysql, molecular spectroscopy, single-dish observations, astrochemistry, chemistry of metals and radicals, chemistry of the interstellar and circumstellar media, hiking, camping, softball, dogs
Kim Scott 303 244-6826 IDL, AzTEC/LMT, Z-Spec; mm-selected galaxies, molecular gas in high-z galaxies, mm-wavelength observing/data analysis; bunnies
Arielle Moullet 305 244-6855 GILDAS, miriad, MIR-IDL, CASA, (sub)mm observations; planetary atmospheres and surfaces, atmospheric winds measurements, radiative transfer

Activities That May Interest Postdocs:

Astro Coffee

Daily discussion of astro-ph papers and other astronomy gossip. Meets at 3:15 in the NRAO-EV library.

Interferometry Discussion Group

Weekly discussion (during the academic year) of the practical aspects of interferometry. Most discussion topics are lead by postdocs and NRAO staff, and discussions are aimed at experienced astronomers new to interferometry.

Python Lecture Series

Weekly lecture on the basics of using python for astronomers.

Professional Development and Ethics in Astronomy

Semester long course led by Kartik Sheth.

Postdoc Lunch

The NRAO postdocs in Charlottesville organize a regular (approximately bi-monthly) lunch outing. The bill will be reimbursed by NRAO. Please keep the expense to a modest level and don't purchase any alcohol. Receipts should be brought to JJ Utley. Rachel Friesen and Amy Kimball are the primary organizers of these lunches.
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