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NRAO Diversity Review Panel Name Affiliation Sheryl Bruff HR Branch Chief, Space Telescope Science Institute Van Dixon Astronomer, STScI, Membe...
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ALMAMcKGroup * Member list (comma separated list): * Set GROUP = Main.LyndeleVonSchill, Main.MarkMcKinnon, Main.TonyBeasley, Main.JimFirmani, Main.JohnHib...
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AD (Assistant Director) Group This is mainly for access to a private area on the wiki. NOTE: this is now a MANAGED group; you use the "Add members" and "Remove me...
Last Modified: Main.AlWootten 30 Nov 2018 CV AUD SOC 280 GB Basement phone Tuesday Dec 4 2018 * ER Auditorium (NRAO HQ, Edgemont Road) connections ...
Green Bank REU Summer Student Schedule Event List: * E Thu Science Lunch (12:00) * 23 May 2004 29 May 2004 Chautaugua Course (Auditorium) ...
NRAO 2017 Diversity Review * Thursday, October 12, from 9am 5pm and Dinner * Friday, October 13, from 8:30am 1pm NRAO Headquarters : 520 Edgemont Road , Cha...
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NSF Documentation Group * Set GROUP = SheilaMarks, CarolynHunsinger, PhilJewell, GeorgeClark, PhilPuxley, VernonPankonin, JeffLeithead * Set ALLOWTOPICCHANG...
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StrategicPlanningGroup * Member list: * Set GROUP = Main.AdrianRussell, Main.ChrisCarilli, Main.ClaireChandler, Main.CrystalBrogan, Main.DaleFrail, Main.E...
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