The L1448IRS3 Star Formation Region in Taurus

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Table of Contents:

L1448IRS3 and H2CO References

Project Description: "L1448IRS3: The Structure and Evolution of a Class 0 Protostar"

Data Analysis Notes and Reports

Some Preliminary Analyses and Results

Timetable for Project Completion

  • 2006/06/23: Background reading complete.
  • 2006/07/07: Basic H2CO data analysis complete. Line ratio calculations, spatially-dependent kinetic temperatures, etc.
  • 2006/07/14: Background reading on radiative transfer models complete.
  • 2006/07/21: Radiative transfer model fitting to H2CO data complete.
  • 2006/08/04: H2CO data analysis complete. Write report.

Data Files (restricted access)

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