PST JIRA Items for 16B Call for Proposal

This wiki page provides a listing of tickets based on their current status (as of date in the signature line).

Submitted tickets are given a priority:
  • Critical = must do
  • Major = should do
  • Minor = do as time permits

When the developer finishes work on the ticket, its status is changed to resolved. After resolution and when test version becomes available, the ticket can be tested by the sponsor. If the ticket passes testing, it is then closed. Tickets can also be closed when no longer relevant (e.g., ticket morphs into a different ticket or when it is decided that the ticket will not be done). Tickets can be put ON-HOLD when items are not approved for the current development cycle. Active tickets will be labeled within JIRA with PST-16B-CfP, while ON-HOLD tickets will be labeled with PST-ON-HOLD.


  • EVL-3177 Subbands and Shared Risk
  • EVL-3170 GOST 16B - designation SRO to GO
  • EVL-3154 New technical justification box for joint proposals with other facilities
  • EVL-3152 PST: VLA proposals with hybrid configurations should fail validation
  • EVL-3145 Search for first and last names in AllProposals.htm
  • EVL-3144 User needs new password - profile default email is obsolete
  • EVL-3086 PST: Refactor Joint Proposal implementation


  • EVL-3157 Email response to institutional requests
  • EVL-3147 Profile generation page
  • EVL-3097 New pop-up for joint proposals (point to documentation)


  • EVL-3179 Correcting GBT VEGAS values in PST
  • EVL-3158 Validate user information on proposals prior to submission
  • EVL-3156 New organization creation
  • EVL-3155 Browser connection times out
  • EVL-3146 Affiliation request from user not sent to udb-admin
  • EVL-3109 Characters in source name
  • EVL-3090 PST: Printing Issues -- VLBA16A /170
  • EVL-3034 PST: Printing (modification of print button to avoid printing resources)
  • EVL-2968 PST: Contact Info (issue with phone number/glitch??)
  • EVL-2964 PST: Withdraw Proposal Problem (??glitch that can be ignored??)
  • EVL-2849 PST: Automate min/max LST Calculation
  • EVL-3083 PST: Unexpected countdown timer behaviour


  • EVL-3166 HSA Resource - Ar, DDC-4
  • EVL-3165 HSA Resource - Y27, DDC-8 and PFB
  • EVL-3164 HSA Resource - Eb DDC-8
  • EVL-3143 No person_organization entry for user. User is then unable to assign an affiliation.
  • EVL-3077 VLBA Proposal PDF has LST (not GST) headers
  • EVL-3025 PST: Problems with Tech. Just. in PDF
  • EVL-2896 PST: Problems printing proposals from the Proposal List page
  • EVL-2115 PST: DDT/EPO


  • EVL-3102 Check box for all vs partial data
  • EVL-3168 PST: subarrays, proper calculations
  • EVL-2970 PST: Exposure Calculator and Sessions
  • EVL-3180 Fixing VEGAS logic within the PST
  • EVL-3178 GBT Rx frequency ranges



  • EVL-3150 PST: VLA Array configuration not vaidated on copied proposal
  • EVL-3079 PST GBT/VEGAS Resources -- permitting non-allowed settings to be saved

Tickets for PST-16B-Review

EVL-3099 Distinguish between Technical and Science Reviews



EVL-3033 (same as EVL-3099)






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