Progress on porting PFM5 Matlab scripts to octave

Octave software

  • version 3.0.0 downloaded from and compiled on Todd's laptop (serenity) and the ptcs workstation (ptcs)
  • Stixbox a collection of statistics toolboxes for Octave and Matlab, which might come in useful

Missing functions and workarounds

  • strfind(), strtok(), strtrim()
  • textscan() in readDataSet.m
    • workaround: modified readDataSet.m into readDataSetOctave.m using fgetl(), strtok(), and sscanf()
  • robustfit() in fitFocusPosn.m
    • workaround: modified fitFocusPosn.m to use regress() instead. Remove extra column of ones() in the X matrix.
  • bootstrp() in elModel.m
    • workaround: stdboot() from stixbox ??? (This is where I left off.)

-- ToddHunter - 02 Feb 2008
Topic revision: r2 - 2008-02-02, ToddHunter
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