PASP Invited Tutorial Manuscript Tracking

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Tutorials In-Progress Summary

NOTE: RED indicates waiting for response.
Title Author Date (Expected)
Fine-Structure Line Emission
Gordon Stacey
1 Sep 2017
Measuring Abundances With Stellar Spectra
Evan Kirby
25 Sep 2017
Transit Spectroscopy (Sagan)
Drake Deming
1 Oct 2017
False Positives in Transit Photometry (Sagan)
Tim Morton
1 Nov 2017
Exoplanet Atmospheric Retrieval (Sagan)
Mike Line
1 Nov 2017
Survey of Direct Imaging: Technique and Results
Dimitri Mawet
1 Nov 2017
Noise Sources in Transit Measurements (Sagan)
Xavier Dumusque
1 Dec 2017
Dust Continuum Analysis in Protostellar Cores
Yancy Shirley
1 Apr 2018

Invited Tutorials

  1. Martin Still (Kepler)
    • Tutorial on Kepler light curve analysis (suggested by Bill Cochran)
    • Sent request 2013-01-27
    • Martin points out that a tutorial on general Kepler data handling (
    • Martin points out that there is scope to write a follow-up, providing a specific tutorial on transit fitting and the identification of binary star false positives among the planet candidate sample. I encouraged him to write such a tutorial.
  2. David W. Hogg (Distance Measures in Cosmology)
    • Basically a modified version of his "Level 5" paper on this subject.
    • 2013-04-12: Will make this a summer 2013 project
    • 2014-01-11: Sent latest (there have been several over the past nine months) request for update
    • 2015-05-11: Says that he will work on this and the "Fitting a Model to Data" tutorials this coming summer.
    • 2017-03-31: After a long silence, decided to take another run at David. Ping sent.
  3. David W. Hogg (Fitting Analysis Recipes: Fitting a Model to Data)
    • Posted to astroph and described as a chapter in a "nonexistent book"
    • 2014-01-11: Sent request to publish this article as a tutorial
    • 2015-05-11: After many many pings over the past 1.5 years, finally got a response from him in a tangential discussion related to a review request. Said that he would try to get to this tutorial (and the "Distance Measures in Cosmology" one) this summer.
    • 2017-03-31: After a long silence, decided to take another run at David. Ping sent.
  4. Yancy Shirley (Dust)
    • 2015-03-27: He has an idea for a dust continuum tutorial that he would like to write. No timeline given.
    • 2017-04-04: Pinged for update.
    • 2017-04-16: Responded that he will likely make the tutorial specific to emission from cores. Will provide more information after semester ends (June 2017).
    • 2017-06-15: Pinged for update. Need timeline and outline.
    • 2017-06-20: Sent outline and timeline. Looks great! Might reassign this to an invited review as this might be a review with lots of tutorial content. Set submission date to April 1, 2018
  5. Bryan Butler (Holography)
    • 2015-12-03: Suggested that Bryan turn VLBA Test Memos 57 and 62 into publications for PASP. Great descriptions of holographic surface measurement techniques. He said he would think about it.
    • 2017-04-04: Pinged for update.
  6. Tim Morton (Sagan Workshop Lecture on Vetting False Positives in Exoplanet Transit Photometry)
    • 2017-03-31: Sent invitation.
    • 2017-04-03: Received positive response. Other responsibilities will keep him busy until fall 2017. He said that he will ping himself regularly over the next several months to remind himself to send me an outline and timeline.
  7. Michael Line (Sagan Workshop Lecture on Exoplanet Atmospheric Retrieval)
    • 2017-04-02: Sent invitation.
    • 2017-04-07: Responded positively. Sent outline. Will work on it this summer and submit in fall 2017.
  8. Drake Deming (Sagan Workshop Lecture on Exoplanet Transit Spectroscopy)
    • 2017-04-19: Sent invitation.
    • 2017-04-20: Responded positively. Will submit by 2017-10-01. Will send outline next week.
  9. Dimitri Mawet (Sagan Workshop Lecture on Direct Imaging)
    • 2017-04-21: Sent invitation.
    • 2017-04-27: Accepted. Waiting for response regarding submission date.
    • 2017-05-12: Will submit in "at least six months". Ping him around November 1, 2017.
  10. Xavier Dumusque (Sagan Workshop Lecture on Instrumental Noise in Radial Velocity Measurements)
    • 2017-04-09: Sent invitation.
    • 2017-05-17: Responded that he is interested in writing a tutorial, but cannot commit to anything until the fall. He said that he will contact me in the fall when he has time to do this. I should also ping him around October 1 if I have not heard from him.
  11. Gordon Stacey (Fine-Structure Line Emission)
    • 2017-04-25: Commits to submitting by September 1, 2017 (see Evernote for full details).
  12. Evan Kirby (2014-05-12)
    • Measuring Abundances in Stellar Spectra
    • 2017-05-12: Originally started as a review on metal poor stars and/or stellar populations.
    • 2017-06-15: Pinged for estimate as to when he will submit.
    • 2017-06-16: Responded that he will submit by September 25 (first day of classes at Caltech).

Published Tutorials

  1. Enrique Perez-Montero (2016-02-05)
    • Interpretation of Spectral Lines for Metallicity Determination
    • 2016-02-05: Sent invitation (with cc to Bruce)
    • 2016-03-12: Sent follow-up to invitation (since no response received)
    • 2016-03-16: Accepted invitation. Requested timeline and outline.
    • 2016-07-06: Requested outline and timeline (again).
    • 2016-07-08: Responded that he would send a draft in early fall 2016 (but did not send an outline or timeline...).
    • 2016-10-21: Tutorial submitted!

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