NRAO VLA Archive Survey

This wiki page describes the status of the NRAO VLA Archive Survey project.


The NRAO VLA Archive Survey is a partially-automated survey of the NRAO Very Large Array raw data archive. The VLA archive contains data recorded by the VLA dating from 1976 to 2006. Data recorded after March 2006 is EVLA data and is not included in this survey.

Additional information can be found on the NVAS: VLA Archive Imaging Pilot home page.


Current Status

The survey is currently imaging all non-proprietary continuum data in the VLA archive recorded at observing frequencies between 1 and 50 GHz. Some data are excluded due to imaging difficulty or complexity (see above publications for details).

Log Files

(The following online log files are updated as time allows. Questions should be addressed to JaredCrossley.)

  • Recent list of observing dates loaded into the software pipeline: LoadedLog.txt
  • List of current pipeline and validation activity: ActivityLog.txt.

The Software Pipeline

An introduction to the software pipeline can be found in the publications listed above.

Pipeline software can be made available to interested parties. Please contact LorantSjouwerman (home page) for the latest version.

The Pipeline System Users Guide describes in detail how to use the pipeline system. The document also includes a glossary of pipeline system files.

There is also a NvasDevelopment wiki.


Quick links to fun NVAS sources:

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