(Dana representing e2e at Users Committee)
Apr 13-17 NRAO/UVA CSE CASA Parallelization Tiger Team (Charlottesville)
Apr 20-24 In Charlottesville Mon 20th & Tue 21st
V: Weds 22nd through Fri 24th
Apr 27-May 1 In DC @ NIST - organizational excellence workshop
May 4 - 8 V: Mon 4 & Tue 5 - dissertation defense (Done!)
Weds 6 - Fri 8 in Charlottesville
May 11-15 In CV - not going to DC @ NSF - Teragrid Extension workshop with NSF OCI
May 18-22 In Minneapolis Mon 18th to Wed 20th (speaker at Institute for Software Excellence)
Thu 21st and Fri 22nd
NCSA in Illinois
May 25-29 Probably in CV!
June 1-5 Vacation (all week), but I can always call in
June 8-12 Vacation (all week), maybe back Fri, but I can always call in
June 15-19 CV
June 22-26 In DC @ Teragrid Conference
Workforce Management Plan outline due
July 6-10
July 13-17
July 20-24
July 27-31
August 3-7
August 10-14
August 17-21
August 24-28
Sept 1-4 Workforce Management Plan due

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$0 < \alpha< 1$ is the {\it a priori} error rate (similar to significance level) set, and suppose the $p$-values

resulting from the $s$ tests are ordered such that $p(1) \le p(2) \le \cdots \le p(s)$. Here we might restrict our attention to those $3\sigma$ or $4\sigma$ detections.

Now we find $$d = \max_{1 \le k \le s}\{k: p(k) \le \alpha \cdot k/s\},$$ then rejecting the null hypotheses (identify detections) corresponding to $p(1), \cdots, p(d)$ provides $FDR \le \alpha$.

Note that only pixels with $p$-values less than $\alpha$ matter. $%
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