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VLA Observations of the Arp240 Galaxy Merger

Submitted by Sinclaire Manning

Arp 240 is a galaxy merger between two spiral galaxies NGC 5257 and 5258. The merger is in an early stage and a noticeable bridge connects the galaxies through their arms. Arp 240 has off-nuclear starbursts in both galaxies that make up most of the energy in the pair. We would be mapping emission associated with supernovae or a compact AGN and then could use the radio luminosity to calculate a star formation rate. Data already exists in the B and I band.

  • Location: RA(J2000): 13h39m55.3s; Dec(J2000): +00d50m07.0s
  • Frequency: 8.4 GHz (X-band) and 6.0 GHz (C-band)
  • Time on source: ~20 minutes
  • Bandwith: 2 GHz
  • RMS noise: ~10 micro-Jy
  • Reference Material:


  • Project: TDEM0009
  • SBID: 0755324
  • Observed: 2012-06-28 at 23:10 UT
  • Issues: Operator notes that "binary data missing for scans 1, 4, 15, 16, 25, and 26". I think that this means that those scans are missing from the resultant data.

Reduction and Analysis

VLA Observations of 3C345

Submitted by Katie Weil


  • Project: TDEM0009
  • SBID: 0766825
  • Observed: 2012-07-05 at 03:16 UT
  • Issues: Antenna 4 has an ACIF synthesizer issue resulting in lost data for this antenna and IF.

Reduction and Analysis

VLBA Observations of the Possible Double AGN SDSS J1425+3231

Submitted by Molly Gallagher


Reduction and Analysis

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