MCP H0 Measurements and Plans

Last update: July 7, 2015

Here we keep track of the status, challenges, and plans for each of the galaxies being used or considered by the MCP for H0 measurement.

Galaxy Who Data Collection Status Data Processing Status Challenges Timeline
UGC 3789 Mark Done. No plans for further data. Done. Reid et al. 2013   Done
NGC 6264 Cheng-Yu Done. No plans for further data. Done. Kuo et al. 2013   Done
NGC 6323 Cheng-Yu Done. No further data. Done. Kuo et al. 2015.    
NGC 5765b Feng Done. No further data. Done. Check disk fitting? submitted
J0437+2456 Feng Done. In progress. Feng will work on this data after he finishes the BH mass paper.   Fall 2015
ESO 558-G009 Cheng-Yu + ? Done. In progress Cheng-Yu will process VLBI. Maybe someone else will do accelerations. Fall 2015
CGCG074-064   Just discovered, Top candidate for distance campaign.     Finish observations by May 2017
CGCG165-035   Just discovered. Definitely BH mass, maybe distance.   Weak, blended systemic features. VLBI map in 2015
Mrk 1419 Violetta Done. No plans for further data.      
NGC 1194 Eugenia No additional data at this time      
IC 2560 Jan Done Data processing done. Modeling? Low dec source. Do we need more data? (details from Jan)  
UGC 6093 Wei In progress     To be published in Wei's 2015 paper.
NGC 2273 Dom No additional data at this time We have 2 VLBI tracks and good GBT monitoring spanning ~ 3 years. One VLBI track published in Kuo+09, 2nd one was processed by Dom; Acceleration measurements complex The galaxy is nearby, ~30 Mpc, and shows complex structure in acceleration plots. Masers are weak and variable. Need a good Vpec.  

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