MCP Monitoring Requirements and Status

The purpose of this page is to keep track of MCP monitoring needs. We need to monitor sources to (1) measure accelerations and (2) identify flares that make sources more interesting for VLBI.

Sources to be observed monthly

These are sources that we'd like to maintain in our regular monitoring program for the purpose of measuring accelerations.

Source Date of last observation Notes
UGC 3789    
Mrk 1419    
NGC 1194    
NGC 6264    

Sources of possible interest

Source Date of last observation Notes
UGC 9618b    
IC 2560    
NGC 1320    
NGC 6323   target for quick monitoring
NGC 2273   target for quick monitoring

Sources to be observed semiannually

These are sources that don't quite make the top cut in terms of distance candidates, but we should observe them periodically in order to assess whether changes in the maser profile warrant more detailed observations. CfA sources should be added by someone.

Source Date of last observation Notes
NGC 3393   Well studied by CfA team. More observations needed?
IC 485    
Mrk 34    
NGC 5728    
SBS 1344+527    
UGC 6093    
UGC 9639    

-- JimBraatz - 31 Jul 2007
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