LoadTest Servlet Development


This wiki documents the development status of a load-testing servlet for virtual observatory Web applications.

The lead developer for this project is JaredCrossley.


There are many VO Web applications, but no easy way to test the applications under various "loads". A service's load refers to the extent to which the service is being utilized at any moment. A service that operates fine when used by one client may fail when used by 10 or 20 clients simultaneously. The LoadTest servlet, described here, will provide an easy way to test Web services under a variety of load conditions.

In Progress

JaredCrossley is finishing a prototype version of LoadTest.

  • I finished adding real-time feedback to the servlet on 18-May-2009. I sent the servlet to DougTody for comments. (He will not be able to respond for a few weeks.) I will wait for his comments before continuing development.

To-do List

  • Allow users to select from pre-defined test scenarios. Possibly allow users to save their own test scenarios - perhaps on the client side(?) - and then load their test scenarios on the servlet home page.
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