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If you are looking for the AGN Discussion Twiki page, please go to Main.AgnDiscussion * Persons/group who can change the list: * Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE = M...
ALCHEMIGroup * Member list (comma separated list): * Set GROUP = Main.JeffMangum, Main.NanaseHarada, Main.KazushiSakamoto, Main.SebastienMuller, Main.Lesli...
* Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE = Main.JoshMalone, Main.TimBastian Edit this topic to add a description to the ALMASolarDevGroup
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How to add the first administrator If you haven't previously set up an administrator, follow these steps: * Note: This help text will disappear once you have ...
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FasrGroup * Member list: * Set GROUP = Main.JoshMalone, Main.TimBastian, Main.RichBradley, Main.EricBryerton, Main.MatthewMorgan * Persons/group who can...
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My links: * My home page * My activities * Main.KnownNRAOWikiGroup edit
LeeMundy Welcome, new NRAO Public Wiki Collaborator. If/when you are added to the "known" group, you will then be able to edit this and other topics. When you d...
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SitePreferences %MAKETEXT{ "Foswiki's default preferences are located in _1 , however settings defined here have override priority and should be used for local ...
* Name: Tim Bastian * Email: tbastian #64; * Company Name: NRAO * Company URL: * Location: Charlottesville, VA * Countr...
Main.AntonZensus 20 Aug 2004 WorkWeekcv05 this is the wiki group for the vlba 2cm survey team. welcome. * Set GROUP = Main.AntonZensus, EduardoRos * Set A...
User Self Registration ** IMPORTANT : Accounts that are inactive for more than 9 months will be disabled with no notice. To avoid this, just log in at lea...
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