Jansky Fellow Skill Building Opportunities

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Jansky Fellows are encouraged to spend between 10 and 25% of their time on activities related to the delivery or development of NRAO’s scientific facilities (“functional observatory duties”). Opportunities for Jansky Fellows to develop skills and contribute to the development and delivery of the national observatory include supporting VLASS, promoting/developing ALMA capabilities, contributing to the science case and technical design and planning for the ngVLA, and contributing to NRAO’s diversity programs through, for example, mentoring undergraduates from the NAC or LSAMP programs. 

Specific opportunities include, but aren’t limited to:
  • Algorithm development for wide-field, high-dynamic range imaging, polarization, etc;
  • Software development for data analysis (e.g., data visualization tools that are outside the scope of the current NRAO mandate);
  • Hardware/software development for non-standard mode transient searches (VLASS related or otherwise);
  • Developing/pushing existing or new commensal observing modes;
  • Help run colloquia and various weekly talk programs;
  • Run weekly science-focused discussions to better engage current science staff with postdocs and students (both at NRAO and nearby university);
  • Get involved with EPO - science writing, visualizations, etc. to help broaden NRAO appear to greater community;
  • Commissioning of advanced algorithms and high performance computing solutions to prepare them for routine use. 

NRAO would welcome other suggestions from Jansky Fellows themselves, and encourages discussions between Jansky Fellows and NRAO staff to identify additional opportunities. The Jansky Program Coordinator should be consulted as part of the planning for such activities.

Guidelines for Posting Skill Building Opportunities

Please use the following format to post Jansky Fellow skill building opportunities:

[Title of Opportunity]

  • [Contact Person (name and email)]
  • [Duration and Estimated Time Commitment]
  • [Brief Description of the Opportunity]

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