InterferometryDiscussionGroup 2011-2012

This is the page for the 2011-2012 IDG. To see the page for the 2010-2011 academic year, see: 2010-2011 IDG

Meetings: Tuesdays from 10:00 - 11:00 in ER 230.

The purpose of this group is to discuss the basics, and sometimes the intricacies, of radio interferometry. The discussions are informal and are led by volunteers depending on the topic of the day.

Contact Scott Schnee (sschnee at to suggest a topic for discussion, to volunteer to lead a discussion, or to be added to the email reminder list.

Next Meeting:

March 13 - Gibbs ringing and Hanning Smoothing - Amy Kimball

Calendar of Meeting Topics:
Sep 14, 2011 Intro to IDG and "What Makes Interferometry Tricky?" Sep14_2011.pptx Scott Schnee
Sep 28, 2011 Fourier Transforms and UV-coverage Sep28_2011.pptx Scott Schnee * Auditorium
Oct 05, 2011 How to plan an interferometric observation TeachSBGeneration.pdf Kartik Sheth * Auditorium
Oct 26, 2011 A first look at ALMA data simple.tar.gz Scott Schnee
Nov 09, 2011 Flagging Data Nov09_2011_flagging.pptx Scott Schnee and Amy Kimball
Nov 30, 2011 Imaging imaging.pdf Remy Indedetouw
Jan 25, 2012 Hands-on flagging experience TwoQuasar.tar.gz Kim Scott
Jan 31, 2012 Hands-on flagging experience Scott Schnee * Auditorium
Feb 14, 2012 Hands-on flagging and calibration Scott Schnee and Kim Scott
Mar 13, 2012 Gibbs ringing & more! Gibbs.tar Amy Kimball
Apr 10, 2012 Interferometry hardware SignalPath.pptx Todd Hunter
Apr 17, 2012 Correlators idg.apr2012.pdf Rodrigo Amestica
May 08, 2012 Math of Interferometry Huib Intema

Interferometry topics to be discussed

The theory of interferometry
How interferometers work - the hardware perspective
Observing strategies
Walk-through of reduction of ALMA data set
Imaging and deconvolution (psfmode, robust parameter, comparison of deconvolution algorithms)
Gibbs ringing and Hanning Smoothing

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  • deconv1.pdf: First lecture on deconvolution given by Rob Reid

  • deconv2.pdf: Second lecture on deconvolution given by Rob Reid

  • TwoQuasar.tar.gz: two quasar data set for practice with flagging and calibration

  • Gibbs.tar: images helping explain Gibbs ringing

Topic attachments
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
Gibbs.tartar Gibbs.tar manage 550 K 2012-03-14 - 15:44 ScottSchnee images helping explain Gibbs ringing
Nov09_2011_flagging.pptxpptx Nov09_2011_flagging.pptx manage 1 MB 2011-11-07 - 17:13 ScottSchnee How to flag cm, mm, and sub-mm data manage 4 K 2012-02-13 - 14:58 ScottSchnee Scott's simple calibration and flagging routine
Sep14_2011.pptxpptx Sep14_2011.pptx manage 50 K 2011-09-28 - 11:14 ScottSchnee Introduction to the Interferometry Discussion Group
Sep28_2011.pptxpptx Sep28_2011.pptx manage 2 MB 2011-09-28 - 11:15 ScottSchnee Fourier Transforms and UV Coverage
SignalPath.pptxpptx SignalPath.pptx manage 36 MB 2012-04-10 - 14:12 ScottSchnee Todd Hunter's talk on interferometry hardware
TeachSBGeneration.pdfpdf TeachSBGeneration.pdf manage 321 K 2011-10-07 - 14:12 ScottSchnee Observing Script Generation
TwoQuasar.tar.gzgz TwoQuasar.tar.gz manage 164 MB 2012-01-24 - 13:21 ScottSchnee two quasar data set for practice with flagging and calibration
deconv1.pdfpdf deconv1.pdf manage 523 K 2011-05-16 - 09:46 ScottSchnee First lecture on deconvolution given by Rob Reid
deconv2.pdfpdf deconv2.pdf manage 1 MB 2011-05-16 - 09:47 ScottSchnee Second lecture on deconvolution given by Rob Reid
idg.apr2012.pdfpdf idg.apr2012.pdf manage 556 K 2012-04-17 - 09:10 ScottSchnee Correlator talk from April 17, 2012
imaging.pdfpdf imaging.pdf manage 16 MB 2011-11-30 - 09:38 ScottSchnee Remy's imaging presentation
simple.tar.gzgz simple.tar.gz manage 2 MB 2011-10-24 - 10:16 ScottSchnee Simple CASA dataset manage 2 K 2011-10-24 - 11:02 ScottSchnee Simple data reduction script for Oct 26
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