• ~bmason/mustangidlbin/ contains .pro files which are IDL modules & README-mustang.txt lists module details.
  • ~bmason/mustangPub/ contains mustangIDL - running this sets up IDL for mustang FITS files
  • /home/gbtdata/JUNK/Rcvr_PAR has PAR FITS files.
  • how to read in the FITS files and plot:

; for col 0 row 1

do help,q1,/struct to see a list of available structure members, any of which can be plotted with the above syntax. I think the frame counter is in there too which is the really useful diagnostic for this thing
-- you can also put the DFBs in signal generator so the DAC signal has a predictable shape and you can see the jumps in both frame counter and the DAC signal. 

-- MarkWhitehead - 2009-10-29
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