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Links to miscellaneous JIRA tickets of interest

* ALMA issues that I am watching*


  PRTSIR-7 Investigate the low power detected in the correlator for some base bands in many antennas
PRTSPR-658 PRTSIR-305 Spectral scan test dataset uid://A002/X6d34fd/X401 has multiple AtmCals without online results
PRTSPR-1030 PRTSIR-486 PM04 Band 6 XX pol is consistently showing a poor sideband gain ratio
PRTSPR-1210 PRTSIR-579 anomalously high amplitudes in cross-correlation in FDM channels 3796-3799 and 3836-3839 on certain baselines and polarization products
PRTSPR-1242 PRTSIR-594 Offs in recent single-dish observations are not done at the expected positions
PRTSPR-1301 PRTSIR-628 AOS: DV06: BBpr0 and BBpr2 (both polarizations) show noisy or no cross-correlation
PRTSPR-1318 PRTSIR-631 CM05 and DV15 XX data in the fourth baseband are corrupted in many datasets
PRTSPR-1319 PRTSIR-632 ICT-1728 Cannot retrieve an ASDM from the archive which was marked as SUCCESS in shift log tool
PRTSPR-1371 PRTSIR-655 Shift log tool: searching by correlator type does not appear to work
PRTSPR-1376 PRTSIR-656 ATMCal scans acquired on the ACA correlator produce receiver temperature spectra which exhibit non-physical spectral features at the frequencies of atmospheric ozone lines
PRTSPR-1457 PRTSIR-697 DV01 high Tsys in 4th spw
PRTSPR-1491 PRTSIR-710 phase jumps on calibrators, primarily 2nd spw of 4
PRTSPR-1498   apparent phase jumps on 1/4 of spws; likely delay jumps?
PRTSPR-1500   DV06 has large and wildly varying pointing calibration solutions in data from Oct 30, 2013 DA50 FE08 band 3 beam: low peak flux and elongated in elevation direction, possible warm optics misalignament


PREQ-151 SSR: Merge to 9.1R5 change to bypass SB Ratio scan execution for less than 3 antennas


ICT-141 Define TELCAL online behaviour when no wvr is available (PWV in 7m ACA datasets)
ICT-157 Full correlator data rate (60MB/s)
ICT-228 Allow noisy basebands/SpWs and polarisations to be flagged in results
ICT-237 QA0 Logic and Report
ICT-271 Data taken in dual ( total power and interferometry) mode does not record total power data
ICT-649 Incorporate QuickLook "Alarms" into the ASDM Flag table
ICT-650 Populate the ASDM Ephemeris table
ICT-754 missing data (gaps) in monitoring data
ICT-771 Schema: convert SYSCAL to binary storage
ICT-780 Improve pipelineMakeRequest by adding execute_only_these and omit_only_these flags
ICT-824 ACACORR: Change average to addition in spectral integration on ACA-CDP
ICT-833 Eliminate duplicate rows in the ASDM field table when observing planets
ICT-834 Ensure all the position of planets and other solar systems object use the same coordinate system
ICT-845 ACACORR: Correlator calibrations were carried out before baseband signal levels were properly set
ICT-897 Inconsistent sourceId, sourceName or spwID in Source and SpectralWindow tables
ICT-898 Improve Total Power processor to store calibrated total power levels in ASDM
ICT-995 Solar system ephemeris files should be read in with highest position precision
ICT-1291 Provide a query type to calibrator database that returns best flux estimate
ICT-1402 The value for chanFreqArray is not correct in the ASDM for the SQLD spws
ICT-1532 Some single-dish observations show discrepant pointings that appear as "ons" and "offs" far from the nominal raster map positions (include ASDM with-pointing-correction option to the pointing table)
ICT-1541 Store the software version AND patches in the ASDM Annotation table
ICT-1551 Frequent 5.5-minute gaps in the TMC database, simultaneous on multiple antennas and monitor points
ICT-1669 Pointing offsets do not seem to initiate a new field source in the resulting asdm
ICT-1683 Quantization correction for 3 bit sampler in FDM
ICT-1736 The "WCA is not locked flag" should not be applied to the WVR spws
ICT-1770 Scans start 1 to 3seconds before antenna arrives on source
ICT-1977 TELCAL atmosphere reduction: support zero power subscans with different tunings, and make sure both autocorr and totalpower reductions work in this case with dual mode
ICT-2210 Modify Data Capture to fill the ASDM Source table to fill the fluxErr column
ICT-2454 Add an OBSERVE_CHECK_SOURCE enumeration to the ASDM scan intent
ICT-2499 Total Power Specification for Cycle 2
ICT-2768 Square law detector spws have no assocSpectralWindowID or assocNature in SpectralWindow.xml
ICT-2832 Cannot query the source catalogue server via the ALMA-OT
ICT-2836 ALMA SQLD data from the zero-level subscan of AtmCals do not appear in the MS
ICT-2844 TelCal tc_atmosphere task should use zero level from a previous scan, if there is no zero level subscan
ICT-2847 TELCAL build should use two different casa distributions for on-line and off-line systems


APO-445 Sourcecat: sco refreshes not working
APO-469 public dashboard


SCOPS-1 Cycle 0 Phase II Science Project Creation (Parent ticket)
SCOPS-333 Cycle 1 Phase II Science Project Creation (Parent ticket)
SCOPS-4 Cycle 0 Science Project Preparation: 2011.0.00084.S (=2011.0.00965.S) (Andrews)
SCOPS-51 Cycle 0 Science Project Preparation: 2011.0.00958.S (Marrone)
SCOPS-81 Cycle 0 Science Project Data Reduction: 2011.0.00084.S (=2011.0.00965.S) (Andrews)
SCOPS-83 Cycle 0 Science Project Data Reduction: 2011.0.00747.S (Ferkinhoff)
SCOPS-109 Cycle 0 Science Project Data Reduction 2011.0.00958.S (Marrone)
SCOPS-204 Availabilities of completed SBs and assignments at ARC/JAO
SCOPS-268 Cycle 0 Science Project Preparation: 2011.0.00429.S (Zhang)
SCOPS-276 Ticket for setting SBs to READY
SCOPS-318 Cycle 0 Science Project Data Reduction 2011.0.00429.S (Zhang)
SCOPS-421 Cycle 1 Science Project Preparation: 2012.1.00437.S
SCOPS-467 Cycle 1 Science Project Preparation: 2012.1.00105.S
SCOPS-482 Cycle 1 Science Project Preparation: 2012.1.00870.S
SCOPS-602 Collect and discuss suggestions for the QA0 logic and report
SCOPS-613 Parent ticket for the AQUA tool
SCOPS-625 Cycle 1 Science Project Preparation: 2012.1.00171.S (Hunter)
SCOPS-679 Ticket to request re-generation of Syscal table

OT and Computing

COMP-5523 OT uses wrong primary beam size
COMP-5575 Overlaying lines in the spectral visual editor from an online search is not working
COMP-5639 OT Enhancement Requests for Cycle 1
COMP-5654 Improve mosaic pointing algorithm
COMP-5741 OT improvements that came out of the TA workshop
COMP-5890 Test spectral averaging
COMP-6416 Observing project ID for Early Science data does not reach the MS (and apparently not the ASDM either)
COMP-6484 Record Walsh switching (180 and 90) state in the ASDM
COMP-7353 Parent ticket for Cycle 1 OT "Known Issues"
CSV-1699 OT does not restrict correlator resources in multi-spw modes
COMP-8186 No space left on device
COMP-9465 Installation of acroread on the scops cluster nodes


CSV-107 Latest Pad positions (i.e. results of baseline tracks)
CSV-142 Simple SBs for possible science targets
CSV-148 bandpass function in CASA kills my CASA session
CSV-275 Calibrator database
CSV-406 Check phase transfer between multiple sources (4-quasar test)
CSV-414 Measure fluxes for known bright quasars and update the fluxes in sourceCatalog
CSV-529 658 GHz water masers
AIV-6266 Band 9 658 GHz water maser survey
CSV-536 NGC6334I: test amplitude calibration using resolved sources, dynamic range, and primary beam correction
CSV-549 NGC7674: use resolved sources as phase calibrators
CSV-551 Verify the frequency scale for data taken using SBs
CSV-553 Verify the ability to do on the fly interferometric mosaics (OTFI)
CSV-554 Need a command-line tool to merge ASDMs
CSV-555 Telcal version on osf-red
CSV-561 WVR flagging data below 12 deg
CSV-569 Bandpass ripple in 1 hour
CSV-575 Extend WVR studies to broader frequency, weather and baselines as well as other considerations
CSV-605 Image detached shells of evolved stars
CSV-661 Verify phase stability as a function of antenna cabin temperature
CSV-752 CASA plotms request - export txt files
CSV-755 Van Vleck correction is apparently not applied over the required range of power levels in R8.0
CSV-767 NGC3256
CSV-768 TWHya
CSV-814 Antennae
CSV-870 WVR filter center frequencies and bandwidths should be recorded in asdm and MS (contains WVR serial number list)
CSV-871 CII in BRI1202-0725
CSV-874 Investigate Spurious signals in FDM mode during TWHya observations
CSV-911 Characterize Trx/Tsys and g as a function of RF and IF frequency
CSV-943 IRAS 16293-2422
CSV-1009 Determine Beam Shape as a Function of Frequency
CSV-1021 When a target with non-zero proper motion is specified in the OT, CONTROL does not write the coordinates in the current epoch to the ASDM
CSV-1050 time overheads in 8.1 are high
CSV-1152 Single Dish data has ripples in the baseline
CSV-1193 BE and FE IF switches may be unstable at the 8 dB setting in some cases
CSV-1306 Check for IF amplifier RF oscillations in Band 6
CSV-1415 Explore the effectiveness of visibility amplitude corrections using WVR and/or channel averaged data
CSV-1526 Sideband Separation for Single-dish Data
CSV-1537 Position of phase referenced sources appear to be shifted by 0.2"
CSV-1580 Science Verification: M100 B3 (12m+ACA+SD)
CSV-1697 Updates to Cycle 0 data reduction procedures
CSV-1726 Random zero amplitude data in Cycle 0 data taken in late march and early April
CSV-1731 WVR measurements on DV15 extremely noisy
CSV-1732 In the reduction of uid://A002/X3b55d6/X727 there is a delay change mid-track on DV18
CSV-1745 Cycle 0 data with "Center Offset Frequency" not equal to 3000 MHz have wrong frequencies in the data
CSV-1780 the XX polarization of Tsys on DV18 has crazy values across many channels in all TDM spws (see AIV-9050)
CSV-1781 Feedback on Cycle 0 data reduction procedures
CSV-1807 Tsys on BPcal is different from the rest of the SB
CSV-1845 Observations with the ACA consistently measures wrong Tsys/Trec
CSV-1914 Anomalous Trx or Tsys during Early Science observing - generic ticket
CSV-1922 Missing factor in Tsys calculation, affecting band 9 Tsys
CSV-1984 Updates list of antennas with modified Membrane
CSV-1989 "Premature end of file" error - Cannot query the source catalogue server in the OT for certain input parameters
CSV-2055 500MHz Tsys oscillations on DV05 XX,YY in band 9
CSV-2065 PM03&DV16 baseline has a few bad channels in BB_1, XX pol ( channels 110 to 115)
CSV-2070 Coordinates of two quasars are wrong by a few arcsec in the catalog
CSV-2152 Verify system requirements for sideband ratio
CSV-2197 Feedback on Cycle 0 QA2 procedures
CSV-2226 Check dynamic range limit and verify we integrate down appropriately
CSV-2284 Add the functionality to retrieve the planet diameter for total power observations
CSV-2352 Verify new grid functions (for single dish data)
CSV-2372 Verify 90-degree Walsh switching
CSV-2388 Allow the software versions to be searchable: old version: new version:
CSV-2453 Amplitude calibrators are not observed in Early Science SBs
CSV-2539 Frequencies in the Source.xml file of Cycle 0 ASDMs are too large by 1E+09 in some cases
CSV-2563 Anomalous crosscorrelation amp and phase in BB3 for CAI>=32 in all subbands in 1 integration
CSV-2565 Mixed Mode Verification
CSV-2659 Test fast-switching capability
CSV-2684 Updates to analyzemscal
CSV-2687 Test the performance and implementation of Spectral Scans from the point of view of the SOS/SSR and calibration
CSV-2669 WVR data is 0 at random times during atmcals causing tc_atmosphere to not be able to calculateTsys (PWV ACA default 1.0)
CSV-2714 flagdata error: bad time labeling?
CSV-2721 Polarization calibrators
CSV-2744 ACA ASDMs do not contain a SIDEBAND_RATIO entry in the CalAtmosphere.xml file despite there being a CALIBRATE_SIDEBAND_RATIO intent on an observed source
CSV-2757 Consistently low amplitudes on all spws of most antennas on the first integration of most scans on the science target and phase calibrator
CSV-2792 Follow up of CSV-2497: The source.xml contains bogus Flux values
CSV-2809 Updates to Cycle 1 data reduction procedures
CSV-2810 Improvement of the linearity correction
CSV-2826 Astroholography Campaign for all antennas B3,6,7,9 - June 2013
CSV-2828 Software regression SB: software checkout/handover SB
CSV-2842 ASDM SYSCal table has some rows in which 1 antenna has a different time duration in the timeInterval column from other antennas
CSV-2849 Extraneous single-channel spws being created for Cycle 1 TDM spws
CSV-2872 Residuals of Atmospheric Features on the Spectra of Sources after Calibration
CSV-2880 Low single-dish aperture efficiency found with ACA correlator but not BL correlator
CSV-2892 Investigate the use of the CASA toolkit for single-dish imaging and flagging
CSV-2900 Observation simulator (and perhaps the online system) is not correctly applying the "percentage of short baselines criterion" in selecting a solar system object as a flux calibrator
CSV-2902 Feedback on Cycle 1 data reduction procedures
*CSV-2903* Feedback on Cycle 1 QA2 procedures
CSV-2907 Recent datasets still have both the CALIBRATE_FLUX and CALIBRATE_AMPLITUDE intents on the flux calibrator
CSV-2909 Position of a VLA calibrator (J1720-358) has a significant error in VLA and ALMA catalogs
CSV-2929 SBs with calibrator queries can produce fields with slightly diffent coordinates for different intents
CSV-2943 The calType listed for the sideband ratio scan in the ASDM_CALDATA table is sometimes incorrectly labeled as CAL_ATMOSPHERE
CSV-2961 DV13 pol YY baseband 2 shows enormous values in channels 0
CSV-2963 DA47 pol=YY, third baseband is showing a bad FDM subband in all tunings (channels 360-479)
CSV-2964 Bandpass stability and performance campaign
CSV-2975 Quasar J1408-0752 appears in the ALMA catalog with the name J1409-0752
CSV-2978 Tsys accuracy studies
CSV-2979 Tsys investigation parent ticket
CSV-2986 SD calibration in CASA is not adequately removing the effects of atmospheric lines
*CSV-3013 Bugs in Cycle 1 script generator
CSV-3019 For single-dish observing ensure that SBR is not done at the reference position
CSV-3032 Queries should propagate Source Catalogue flux density errors into ASDM
CSV-3057 Measure frequency dependance of band 3 beam size
CSV-3059 Astroholography at Band 4


COMP-4726 The Cal Device ASDM Table does not seem to be available to TelCal for on-line processing
CSV-376 Multiple phase calibrators
CSV-1112 No syscal table generated for uid___A002_X228e1d_X95 and uid___A002_X228e1d_X225
CSV-1129 Cone searches
CSV-1576 Investigate possible causes for B9 Tsys instabilities


CSV-540 bacula-fd taking 99% of a cpu on osf-red
CSV-562 Scheduling block not runnable = "SBnotRunable"
CSV-563 Only the first of multiple "Group 2" phase calibrators is observed at the end of an SB


AIV-2477 AOS DV01: tiltmeter offsets are drifting slowly and should be monitored better
AIV-2850 Brakes unexpectedly engaged in Vertex antennas.
AIV-2970 Drives shut down with report that encoder reading is -360 deg
AIV-2971 Drives shut down with report that servo oscillations have occurred
AIV-4080 Antenna azimuth servo oscillation
CSV-625 Characterize shadowing
CSV-632 DV05 amplitude dropout at Band 3 on uid___A002_X171293_X23
CSV-661 Phase stability as a function of cabin temperature
CSV-1248 Improve pointing model for high elevation
TOP-8 Membrane - Standing Waves
AG-1335 Parent Ticket: Replace goretex membrane with FEP: adewiki page

Front end

CSV-299 FE power level when changing bands
CSV-559 DV02 hot load not working
CVS-911 Characterize Trx/Tsys and g as a function of RF and IF frequency
FEIPTAI-3 Differential phase stability
CAR-154 Locking issues (Follow-up TOP-31)
FENCR-502 AOS: multiple photomixer failure
AIV-14189 Investigation of the IFP BaseBands detectors Stabilization time after IFP settings

Back end

AIV-8549 incorrect SB target being used in ALMA software and scripts
AIV-8685 incorrect BaseBand target being used in ALMA software and scripts


TOP-31 System - Tuning and locking not sufficiently reliable
CSV-113 Locking problems
AIV-2218 DV05 FE-06 Band 7: WCA7 Failure to lock at 320, 322, 324, 370, 372GHz
AIV-3252 Investigate locking problems
AIV-3414 Cannot set the frequency using the specified parameters


CSV-530 Sudden change in bandpass phase behavior on baseband 1
CSV-564 No cross-correlation power on DV08 third baseband (both polarizations), while auto-correlation looks normal
CSV-1240 Test expected new correlator functionality in R8.1/9.0
COMP-8855 frequency channel profile reproduction function of ACA spoils the correlator calibration


AIV-1475 Verify suppression of spurious signals
AIV-2057 AOS: strong spur in band 6 seen in both autocorrelation (PM03) and crosscorrelation
AIV-3818 Several Birdies seen through-out band 3 in PM01
CSV-889 Spurious Signal Investigation: A/ Wideband (shallow) survey
CSV-1060 DV12 BB1 YY perturbation/parasite (125mhz)


CSV-92 Polarization testing (Feb10-Aug10)
CSV-122 Periodic phase glitch (resolved)
CSV-149 Long-term stability of baselines, focus, etc.
CSV-158 Investigate phase instabilities during source changes
CSV-209 Spectral ripple in YY-pol (band 3,6,7)
AIV-1430 Bandpass Stability
AIV-1740 Phase conjugation not performed on LSB
AIV-1981 LSB frequency axes are reversed
AIV-4125 DV06 and DV10 180 degree walsh switching significantly degrades the signal quality
CSV-292 Sinusoidal phase fluctuations
CSV-314 R7.1.1 issues
CSV-406 Single band phase transfer with multiple sources
CSV-411 Band 9 SBs do not run yet
CSV-413 Band-to-band phase transfer
AIV-4041 DV06 occasionally (~5 to 10 percent of the time) does not return to phase after changing from one band to another
CSV-432 Collect polarization data for developers
CSV-510 8-antenna baselines measurements
CSV-545 Bandpass stability in bands 6 and 7
CSV-567 Check Phase Repeatability when moving between sources a long way apart in Elevation
CSV-588 Smooth phase excursions at Band 6 on DV03 near elevation of 59 deg


CSV-419 Oxygen sounder and IR sensor
CSV-421 Cloud monitor
CSV-482 Phase monitor


CSV-462 plotms problem with split
CSV-489 mask and channel number inconsistencies
CSV-503 merging slow
CSV-508 dirction in measure tool
CSV-515 setjy inserts 0
CAS-552 bandpass 'B' needs channel averaging before finding bandpass
CSV-600 Titan at negative elevation
CSV-910 IDs in fields and sources sections of listobs do not match
CAS-239 MOSAIC Task requires a tool to define arbritrary primary beams
CAS-736 changing backend to gtkagg causes casa to not start
CAS-1109 primary beam Airy functions
CAS-1337 Filler should be able deal with flagging of shadowed antennas
CAS-1597 solint = '30m' seems to be interpreted as 30 milliseconds in the log, but 30 seconds in the actual solution
CAS-1672 add planetary models (see also CSV-336)
CAS-1893 Add plotcal functionality to plotms
CAS-2140 plotms produces distorted UV plot
CAS-2237 Improve the algorithms for determining ALMA instrumental + source polarization
CAS-2399 flagdata with mode="shadow" does not check against antennas which have no data
CAS-2423 scan intents in listobs
CAS-2482 Typo in Q-band GainCurve values
CAS-2495 importasdm does not fill the reference frame information in the FIELD table properly for planets
CAS-2504 Fedora 13
CAS-2512 cvel does not match clean and issues with Hanning smooth
CAS-2554 Split does not copy all tables loaded with asis='*'
CAS-2568 Add baseline fitting to casa
CAS-2593 Applycal and the cross-polar correlations
CAS-2597 Flag based on elevation
CAS-2615 residual bandpass solution amplitude is not 1.0 across
CAS-2646 Add scan intents as a selection key in MSSelection module
CAS-2653 Make ALMA aperture illumination function available to CASA imaging
CAS-2654 applycal with polang=T does funny things to frequency dependence of phase
CAS-2709 flux density units wrong in viewer ascii spectrum file header
CAS-2723 importevla fails on 32-bit Linux r13717
CAS-2805 simdata needs better error messaging and explanation that bandwidth needs to be defined
CAS-2850 exportuvfits written from an ALMA mosaic SB cannot be used
CAS-2851 gencal needs an caltype = 'sourcepos'
CAS-2936 specfit reports wrong RA in log message
CAS-2988 Make importasdm and MeasTable work with the JPL Horizon ephemerides for solar system objects via the "COMET" mechanism of Measures
CAS-3005 Ability to easily flag the system temperature-related calibration tables
CAS-3033 ASCII dump of plotms plotted points
CAS-3045 Ability to change source position
CAS-3050 Ability to manipulate/apply data weights
CAS-3128 flagmanager gives cryptic error message when encountering an already existing output file
CAS-3137 disturbing inconsistency between recent ALMA Band 7 SV data and the SMA
CAS-3251 mosaic >50x worse rms than csclean
CAS-3255 Region statistics are not reported for contour images when double-clicking in the viewer
CAS-3263 Autoranging of y-axis in plotms fails to include points close to zero
CAS-3270 The units for plotrange is MJD seconds, not Julian days (as the cookbook states)
CAS-3344 fluxscale should support a listfile parameter to store flux densities to an ASCII file
CAS-3383 Enhance use of ObservationID in calibrator tool
CAS-3396 Setjy needs to include a brightness temperature for Vesta because it will be used as a bandpass calibrator for ALMA ES
CAS-3397 A setjy-like task is needed to query the database and produce a component list (to assist in planning observations of solar system calibrators): predictcomp
CAS-3400 sm.corrupt gives a bus error when trying to include a phase screen on a 4-hour SMA track
CAS-3437 Converting antenna positions to local coordinates using functions in simutil disagrees with the plotants plot by many tens of meters
CAS-3513 Make wvrgcal a standard CASA task
CAS-3522 Quantitative documentation of data weights
CAS-3532 Incorporation of Alma Primary Beam in Mosaic
CAS-3534 Reconciliation of padding used in clean
CAS-3565 Development target: Cal selection
CAS-3647 when adding a modelimage to clean, interactive=T boxing goes 'crazy'
CAS-3676 imfit fails on cube created by clean, has channel numbers off by one
CAS-3685 Convert old format cal tables to new format
CAS-3725 ms2ASDM should set sign of CHAN_WIDTH to negative when freqs are in descending order
CAS-3751 CASA cannot image objects that move quickly like the sun
CAS-3762 Transform CalTable migration script into a task
CAS-3808 sun position from measures is wrong
CAS-3839 setjy listmodimages needs to include planetary models
CAS-3857 Add support for the new CalTable format at the task level
CAS-3879 split segfaults after first failed running with missing column
CAS-3895 clean mosaic mfs fails when doing spectral selection on ALMA ms
CAS-3916 Need new function getTebbSkySpec
CAS-3917 wvrgcal (new task) smooth parameter does not work
CAS-3964 ALMA needs to preserve a working copy of CASA 3.3 release project wide
CAS-3972 gaincal mode 'a' not as stable as 'ap' for slightly resolved planets
CAS-3984 Setjy status not clear and debugging messages (Titan model)
CAS-4016 Incorporate new Solar system models in setjy
CAS-4061 spw selection in setjy does not seem to be working properly with the Butler-JPL-Horizons 2012 models for ALMA data
CAS-4065 Locate tool of plotms only displays frequencies to the nearest MHz
CAS-4071 Bandpass with normalize=T creates strange dip when pre-phase cal from subset of channels applied
CAS-4198 delmod needs field parameter
CAS-4233 fixvis has issues when trying to correct phase calibrator position
CAS-4268 Viewer dies if ds9 region file is loaded and casa symbols not really usable
CAS-4278 viewer spectral profile text file header lines should include pixel numbers
CAS-4285 improve listobs/listvis output
CAS-4290 simanalyze crashes because clean now only accepts certain image sizes
CAS-4314 Incremental output caltable (in fluxscale)
CAS-4426 in casapy 4.0.0, qa.time() returns a list of strings rather than a string
CAS-4449 cvel is not working correctly on SMA data
CAS-4552 plotms slows to crawl plotting certain channel ranges of ALMA ms
CAS-4559 predictcomp fails for Mars
CAS-4570 Plotxy is crashing if any averaging is invoked
CAS-4571 predictcomp sometimes uses offset values when labeling the y-axis of the plot
CAS-4573 fluxscale return dictionary does not contain fluxes if input caltable was created with combine='spw'
CAS-4584 ALMA CSV uses ephemeris data for solar system objects not in setjy
CAS-4636 Elevation dependent opacity application w/ Tsys
CAS-4639 Overplot plotWeather and ATM on plotMS
CAS-4669 viewer crashes on FITS image downloaded from NASA Skyview
CAS-4674 plotxy does not create a plot for single polarization ALMA data if either averaging parameter (width or timebin) is included in the command line
CAS-4679 ms.getscansummary() dictionary keys have changed
CAS-4681 plotxy is producing multiple scratch tables for each execution
CAS-4703 Collect suggestions for improvements to Simutil
CAS-4722 smoothcal starts but eventually throws an exception when fed an old-style calibration table
CAS-4741 need asdm "asis" parameter
CAS-4752 listobs should print a column with the baseband number for ALMA data
CAS-4807 problem with plotms in r21740 (the ALMA pipeline version)
CAS-4815 TsysFlagging should completely flag any antenna which fails on the Bandpass Cal
CAS-4840 Default Heuristic for Bandpass should do some channel averaging (BW/240)
CAS-4855 Difficulties with fontList.cache and plotcal
CAS-4862 predictcomp should return the zero spacing flux density in the returned dictionary
CAS-4867 make wvrgcal handle out-of-range Tobs cases gracefully and produce flagging information
CAS-4871 Problem with Band 9 model for Venus
CAS-4872 Problem with models for Vesta
CAS-4877 Ephemeris tables from JPL-Horizons need to overlap by at least 1 day
CAS-4915 wvrgcal goes CPU bound when run on a dataset with no WVRs
CAS-4929 msmd tool cannot be closed
CAS-4930 Add new method to msmd tool: intentsforfield()
CAS-4931 The help for smoothcal does not indicate that it will overwrite the cal table
CAS-4939 Vectorize calwt in applycal
CAS-4957 We need a version of the file written in LOC coordinates
CAS-4974 flagdata should return an error if a space character is found in the cmdreason parameter
CAS-4975 Create pipeline flagging stage to flag specific lines in solar system flux calibrators
CAS-4981 gencal produces multiple rows per spw/antenna/timestamp combinations from an ALMA ASDM that does not show such duplicates in the SysCal.xml file
CAS-4993 minblperant in hif_bandpass and hif_gaincal should be increased
CAS-4995 Need a "too many antennas flagged in this spw" option in hif_tsysflag
CAS-5005 Pipeline should detect specific usage errors in the PPR XML file, preferably prior to starting processing
CAS-5012 Pipeline should use vectorized calwt in applycal once it is available
CAS-5040 Inconsistency between ACA configuration files
CAS-5066 Support frequency units in the avgchannel parameter of plotms
CAS-5088 pipeline should use T solutions in gaincal when solving for amplitude or amplitude+phase
CAS-5106 tsysspwmap returns wrong value for a TDM window in an ALMA mixed mode dataset
CAS-5108 Add 'percent' key and subkeys to the dictionary returned by fg.setflagsummary
CAS-5112 Pipeline should create incremental=True flux table in fluxscale step
CAS-5146 Need a method to import a calibration table at pipeline startup and use it in the preapply list in all gaincal solves
CAS-5147 Add the originating pipeline task name to cal table names
CAS-5149 Need msmd to return all spws associated with a baseband
CAS-5168 msmd.namesforfields() behavior changed between 4.1.0RC2 and RC3
CAS-5180 flagcmd cannot plot ALMA online flags
CAS-5187 flagcmd plot needs to be reformatted for ALMA datasets
CAS-5191 Add gain threshold parameter to fluxscale
CAS-5203 listobs should have an 'overwrite' option for the listfile
CAS-5231 ALMA pipeline needs to flag the portions of FDM spws that extend beyond a width of 1875 MHz
CAS-5235 typos in setjy message
CAS-5241 predictcomp showplot=False option does not work
CAS-5244 wvrgcal should return the information table that it prints to the log so that the pipeline can include it in the web log
CAS-5249 pipeline hif_refant uses deprecated fg tool
CAS-5254 hif_wvrgcalflag should remove antennas from the refant list if they are found to have a bad WVR
CAS-5257 plotms(avgbaseline=True) is not working correctly for the model column
CAS-5259 spelling error in pipeline log message
CAS-5262 casa_commands.log written by the pipeline should be formatted to be more easily readable
CAS-5263 Ensure wvrgcal respects flags in the main and antenna table
CAS-5266 msmd needs a method to return the field direction
CAS-5277 bandpass does not support appending per spw solutions with different solint frequency smoothing
CAS-5284 The title string for plotants plots needs improvement
CAS-5289 plotants should still work if you do not have write permission on the ms
CAS-5292 Need a pipeline stage to flag data based on anomalous features in the bandpass solution
CAS-5304 hif_wvrgcalflag needs three new optional parameters to control wvrgcal
CAS-5305 hif_tsysflag median not catching bad Tsys scans on planets when they have 2 field IDs
CAS-5307 hif_tsysflag(metric='fieldshape') should use the BANDPASS shape as the "good" shape, and a default threshold of 3
CAS-5310 hif_tsysflagchans bombs when intentgroups='*ATMOSPHERE*'
CAS-5311 hif_flagdata should check for the existence of the template file if template=True and print an error message if it does not exist
CAS-5323 simutil.simutil.itrf2loc does not return height
CAS-5342 sdimaging fails if the spw is specfied as an int32 integer instead of an int
CAS-5411 Need a function to convert complex images to real (to obtain power, phase, or amplitude patterns)
CAS-5428 tsysflag overzealous - flags all antennas, and fails to interpolate later in time
CAS-5437 Loading ALMA data after setting directionReferenceCode='MARS' in the ASDM does not update the UVWs
CAS-5449 task input parameters should be grouped sensibly on the pipeline weblog pages
CAS-5450 msmd needs a method to retrieve the total bandwidth of an spw
CAS-5466 typos in the help for immath
CAS-5477 msmd needs a method to return non-wvr spws
CAS-5480 fluxscale needs additions to dictionary: flux at reffreq
CAS-5484 pipeline's flux.csv file should include the field name as a comment at the end of each line of data
CAS-5501 the help for listobs should advertise the ability to select on spw name
CAS-5518 There is a major memory leak in calibration tasks with preapply options
CAS-5519 listobs shows wrong antenna position information if an antenna in the ANTENNA table does not appear in any rows of the ms
CAS-5549 The sign of the ITRF Y coordinate for SMA is wrong in the repository Observatories table
CAS-5555 tb.fromascii will not read the output of tb.toasciifmt
CAS-5585 predictcomp should strip off the directory path from the configuration file shown in the plot title
CAS-5600 msmd needs a method to map spectral window ID into data description ID
CAS-5610 msmd needs a method to get the square law detector spws
CAS-5695 msmd "forintent" methods should allow wildcards in intent names
CAS-5696 msmd needs a method to return the list of observation IDs present in a dataset
CAS-5701 msmd needs a method to get the integration time
CAS-5702 hif_lowgainflag needs to expose the minblperant parameter
CAS-5703 the minblperant value set in hif_bandpass in the PPR is not transferred to the gaincal step
CAS-5705 several msmd methods segfault casa if executed without first opening an MS
CAS-5706 msmd.spwsforfield returns the wrong answer if a field name has 2 field IDs
CAS-5707 Running setjy(standard='manual',spix=[-0.7]) causes a fatal garbage collection error
CAS-5708 gaincal selectdata parmeter is not set to True by default
CAS-5709 pipeline should be able to process ALMA data obtained in 'sessions' mode
CAS-5710 plotms does not indicate when the measurement set is not found
CAS-5728 wvrgcal fails on a heterogenous dataset in 4.2.0 and does not fail in 4.1.0
CAS-5735 an antenna method of msmd should be able to filter by ALMA antenna type
CAS-5763 sdimaging should provide an accurate error message when the requested field does not exist in the measurement set
CAS-5775 sdimaging cannot write an outfile if the name includes a dash character
CAS-5775 The help entry in sdimaging for the ephemsrcname parameter is not sufficient
CAS-5786 Information from the OBSERVATION table gets lost somewhere in translation to ASAP and back again
CAS-5787 imfit should include the fitted peak intensity and uncertainty in the component dictionary returned
CAS-5792 simutil.simutil.xyz2long does not return height
CAS-5794 msmd.almaspws(fdm=True) and almaspws(tdm=True) return wrong result for certain ACA setups
CAS-5805 Parent ticket for SD gridding and Beam issues
CAS-5806 Mathematical prediction of post-gridding single dish beam
CAS-5811 What are the optimal single dish gridding parameters for SF and GJINC
CAS-5856 flagcmd should provide a better error message when useapplied=False
CAS-5893 add the ability to write a spectral profile to an ASCII file in the ia tool
CAS-5901 imhead fails if restfreq is not present in image header
CAS-5904 msmd needs a fieldsforsource method
CAS-5946 immath fails without a useful error message when the outfile already exists
CAS-6022 imview fails if the range key of the raster dictionary is specified as float64 rather than float
CAS-6111 plotbandpass sometimes fails to produce plots or an error message when overlay='time,antenna'
CAS-6147 plotbandpass can't handle this table
CAS-6226 imview should have an option to set the units of the directional coordinate
CAS-6243 sdimaging does not accept type numpy.string_ for fieldid
CAS-6290 predictcomp bombs without write permission, and the prefix parameter does not work
CAS-6312 WebLog: add a PWV vs time plot to the weather page for each measurement set
CAS-6349 imfit fails on an image when setting box, but not when box=''
CAS-6356 plotbandpass overlay='time' option sometimes shows an error in the time legend colors
CAS-6368 plotbandpass overlay='spw' and 'baseband' options only show the final spw if the first one is flagged
CAS-6391 importasdm should ignore a trailing slash in ASDM names when vis is not specified
CAS-6392 temporal variation in Mars model flux ratio between two frequencies
CAS-6394 plotbandpass mode overlay='time' (per antenna) does not show all unflagged timeranges when one is flagged
CAS-6395 msmd.fieldsforscans segfaults casa if an argument is not supplied
CAS-6428 ALMA SQLD data from the zero-level subscan of AtmCals do not appear in the MS
CAS-6456 ALMA single dish dataset can be imported, but not with asis='*' on MacOS 4.2.0
CAS-6459 msmd needs a method to get spw names
CAS-6475 plotbandpass could use some single column subplot options
CAS-6476 plotbandpass crashes if final spw solution is flagged and subplot='11' and overlay='spw'
CAS-6483 sdimaging should use individual antenna positions rather than observatory position when regridding from az/el to RA/Dec

Splatalogue ( tickets created by me)

SPLT-1 option to display only atmospheric species
SPLT-8 CO v=1 needed to be added to the known molecules
SPLT-9 Adding a "jump" to the molecular mass
SPLT-10 For a specified transition, add the ability to locate the isotopologue transition(s)
SPLT-44 Basic interface should not "Exclude Atmospheric Species" if an atmospheric species is entered
SPLT-50 Add a quick way to switch from the Basic interface search result table to the equivalent Advanced interface search result table
SPLT-51 H2O+ (oxidaniumyl) is not included in the species list
SPLT-60 On the Basic page, you cannot select more than one telescope band
SPLT-61 On the Advanced page, keep the column labels visible while scrolling the results
SPLT-62 The basic interface should contain links to the component databases and laboratories
SPLT-63 Searching by molecule name on Basic Interface does not work for many molecules
SPLT-70 add the ability to perform multiple frequency searches on the ADVANCED PAGE


EVL-1275 Add comment fields to correlator subband
EVL-1285 Create Source and Resource Catalogs from a Project
EVL-1417 Changing from OSRO to RSRO and back loses Doppler settings
EVL-1498 T_int does not update on the Instrument Configuration / RCT personal catalog table view
EVL-1499 Bulk edit resource doesn't seem to work
EVL-1503 Show more significant digits in baseband frequencies on Overview tab's Hardware Setup column
EVL-1509 Support Doppler Setting for RSRO IF Pairs
EVL-1678 Add indication of receiver band to API/wind constraints in the SB submission email notification
EVL-1880 EVLA exposure calculator should accept Bandwidth in velocity units


ECSV-106 CBE time averaging
ECSV-178 Day / Night tests of Ku-band Reference Pointing

VLA helpdesk

  • OOZ-540-81883: clarification of the XYZ coordinate convention documentation on the VLA webpages

ALMA Helpdesk

3135 analysisUtils tarball is missing files

Default beam for ALMA in casa (see CAS-3532)

Test to confirm that the change was implemented in 3.4

  • Imaged one channel of ALMA data at 343.724GHz
  • Plotted 50% contour of .flux image and measured the diameter with a cursor
    • In 3.3 r16856, result is 15.536"
    • In 3.4 r18400, result is 17.35"
    • UAP says that a 0dB taper on a 12m dish is 15.29", while a -12dB taper is 17.72"
  • Crystal did a similar test on a 693 GHz dataset in 3.4 r19662 and found ~8.6", consistent with the larger value.

-- ToddHunter - 2010-10-10
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