Report Of GFM Heuristics resetting

Ops report: 17:11 Oct 17, 2015 (21:11UTC) Computer Software failure on ASTRID Heuristics Setting. NLT. ASTRID heuristics resets to standard after being set to relaxed on its own. This happens to both the operator and observer's Astrid session and it's happened about 3 times since starting this observation.

The project was AGBT15B_228_02 and the SB's were a W-band pointing followed by spectral line, and back to pointing again and again.

Looking at the code, the has several error message conditions which state:

"Warning: Cannot find %s section in the sparrow configuration file. Using standard heuristics instead." % section

I don't know if this was somehow triggered. The astrid logs from the date have been deleted.

-- JoeBrandt - 2015-11-16
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