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Laboratory Measurements: Jennings et al. J. Mo. Spec. 122, 477 (1987). See also Nolt et al. (1987) J. Mol. Spec. 125, 274.

Molecular Constants:
  • B = 616365.199 (75) MHz
  • D = 63.5532(41) (14) MHz
  • Dipole Moment 1.826 Debye (Muenter (1972) J. Chem. Phys. 56, 5409)

Astronomical Detection: Neufeld, D. A., Zmuidzinas, J., Schilke, P., and Phillips, T. G., Discovery of Interstellar Hydrogen Fluoride, 1997, ApJ, 488, L141. One line, J=2-1, observed toward the Giant Molecular Cloud SgrB2 indicate the molecule has an abundance of 3 x 10-10 relative to H2. The molecular absorption was detected with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) Long Wavelength Spectrometer.

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