3He GBT Project: S206 Plots

There are a total of 11 plots with 8 unique spectra. Three spectra are shown twice with magnified views. It is best to alter the browser zoom such that two plots span the width (two columns). The plots are then distributed in the following way where the main line of interest within each spectrum is indicated:

{\rm H}091\,\alpha - {\rm H}091\,\alpha (magnified view)
{\rm H}114\,\beta - {\rm H}114\,\beta (magnified view)
{\rm H}115\,\beta - {\rm H}115\,\beta (magnified view)
{\rm H}130\,\gamma - {\rm H}131\,\gamma
{\rm H}144\,\delta - {\rm H}152\,\epsilon
^{3}{\rm He}^{+}

Each plot consists of two panels. The top panel is the spectrum with black dots corresponding to the data and the solid red curve the NEBULA model. The bottom panel are the residuals between the model and the data.

S206 H91.jpgS206 H91 mag.jpgS206 H114.jpgS206 H114 mag.jpgS206 H115.jpgS206 H115 mag.jpgS206 H130.jpgS206 H131.jpgS206 H144.jpgS206 H152.jpg

S206 3He+.jpg

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