Detailed Information for H2C6 (Hexapentaenylidene)

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Laboratory Measurements: McCarthy, M. C.; Travers, M. J.; Kovacs, A.; Chen, W.; Novick, S. E.; Gottlieb, C. A.; Thaddeus, P., Detection and Characterization of the Cumulene Carbenes H2C5 and H2C6, 1997, Science, 275, 518.

Molecular Constants:
  • Approximate Structure: H2C=C=C=C=C=C
  • Singlet Electronic Ground State
  • A = 268400 MHz
  • B = 1348.0891(1) MHz
  • C = 1341.3529(1) MHz
  • DJ x 103 = 0.0283 (12) MHz
  • DJK = 0.0164(1) MHz
  • Dipole Moment 6.2 Debye (est.)

Astronomical Detection: Langer, W. D.; Velusamy, T.; Kuiper, T. B. H.; Peng, R.; McCarthy, M. C.; Travers, M. J.; Kovacs, A.; Gottlieb, C. A.; Thaddeus, P., First Astronomical Detection of the Cumulene Carbon Chain Molecule H2C6 in TMC-1, 1997, ApJ, 480, L63.
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