The GBO Safety Committee is comprised of employees designated by their Division Heads. The Divisions represented are: Mechanical Division, GBT Science Support, Plant Maintenance, Management & Admin., Telescope Maintenance, Electronics Division, Hospitality, Fiscal, Human resources, Public Education, and Software.

Each Committee member shall have the right to propose or introduce whatever item presents itself as a proper subject related to employee health or safety for the Committee's deliberations and shall vote thereon when polled. However, the Safety Officer(s) and the Management Representative(s) shall not vote since they function as advisors. A simple majority vote of those present shall suffice to carry a motion, and a quorum shall be a 50% of the voting members.

Meetings shall be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 09:30 AM unless otherwise rescheduled. Any employee is welcome to attend the monthly meetings.

-- SophieKnudsen - 2017-06-01

2017-2018 Members

Jason Pitzer Luke Hawkins Sophie Knudsen Jeremiah berkstresser April Roush Natalia Lewandowska

Lindsay Sharp Sherry Turner Mike Sweeney Tracy Samples Phillip Doolittle

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