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2008 Open House with RFI Theme

Notes from Meeting October 15, 2008

1. RFI exhibits and Electronics Lab exhibits will be located in the large science center classroom. RFI exhibits will include faraday cage, cool RFI sniffing equipment,Spectrum allocation posters, Wes requests access to powerpoint projector and screen. We need more volunteers to man some of the RFI exhibits-- should ask for volunteers: Dave Curry would be good. E lab exhibits can include the liquid N demos, a couple of receivers, other show and tell

2. Computer Science Exhibits/demos will be in the faraday computer lab in the science center. Amy to find volunteers. Ask Ron Duplain to do google sky.

3. Children's activity room will be in the starlab classroom: tattoos, AM radio RFI detective, pocket solar system, sundial etc.

4. Star Lab in basement. Cara.

5. Machine shop tours in conjunction with GBT Tour, on the 1/2 hour. GBT tour: hard hats, inside the gate, but not too far. Scientist or other knowledgeable person will be step on guide, talk about telescopes on the ride down, and offer to take pictures of people while they are down there (expect each GBT/machine shop tour to take an 50 minutes from start to finish including travel time.) Dennis to find staff for machine shop. Will make up key fobs ahead of time .

6. Food: by spanish club . We'll buy the supplies (Tonya). They sell the food. Sue Ann will ask Mali. I have sent an email to Toney. Didn't know if you had talked to them or not.

7. Outside: solar viewing, RFI truck tours on the hour, Sammy the checker cab with signage. I have sent an email to Butch and Rusty about the car. We need to decide where we want it parked.

8. Science Talks 15 minutes in duration:
  • 1:15 Recent Discoveries with the GBT: Jay or designee
  • 1:45 Exciting upcoming projects in Green Bank: Karen or designee
  • 2:15 The Green Bank Telescope: Ron or designee
  • 2:45 Recent Discoveries with the GBT: Jay or designee
  • 3:15 Exciting upcoming projects in Green Bank: Karen or designee
  • 3:45 The Green Bank Telescope: Ron or designee

9. Logistics:
  • volunteers arrive at noon
  • volunteer t-shirts Cara
  • parking attendant(s) needed Logan Plumley
  • Need 3 buses in action:
    • 2 large buses for GBT: Darryl and HA Mike will get school bus I have requested and gotten approval from Alice Irvine for use of the bus. I have emailed Rusty and Butch about Daryl driving it.
    • 1 small bus to circle between lab and machine shop to science center for pickups: Steve the tour guide?
  • feed the volunteers afterward-- cafeteria Mike?I've emailed Alan about feeding the group
  • Sherry Sizemore, Sherry McCarty : photos
  • tickets--put duration of event on there

Notes from Meeting--September 10, 2008

1. Much Discussion about how far to go with RFI theme, the WVRAZ, and what to tell people about enforcement of the WV law. It was decided to have a forum at the end of the open house (4:00 PM) where people could ask questions, preceded by a brief presentation (Possibly Mike Holstine's talk or something like it) While Karen and Mike will stand up in front and take the lead for questions the rest of us should be there to field questions as well. As far as our response to Q about enforcing the law: "At this time, we are requesting voluntary cooperation".

Jay suggests we listen to "The Science of Getting a Yes" Science Friday broadcast to inform us as to how to discuss these issues with the public: "people want to be in the majority"

2. Open House Activities
  • Science Talks: Make short 10-15 minutes at the top of each hour, each one features a GBT result.
  • Play RFI video in auditorium in between the talks
  • Open Forum on RFI, WVRAZ at the end (4:00 PM)
  • Be an Interference Detective activities with AM radios, followed by a "fox hunt" with the Quiet Skies Detectors
    • We have to be very careful with this activity as we do not wish people to think about NRAO as creating RFI
  • Keep Kid activities from last time-- tattoos instead of face paint.
  • Keep Machine Shop Tour-- very popular last year, with the little key fob medallions.
  • Need prominent places to use faraday cage demos, and for RFI team to show and tell. Lobby of science center? Classroom? Get faraday cage from CV?
  • Booths in Lobby for Electronics Lab show and tell, posters and displays-- remove tables?
  • School club to do hotdogs again-- AUI $$ can pay for this.
  • GBT demo: observe in RFI polluted band, and then in a quiet area, convert to sound in addition to computer display. This becomes part of the GBT control room tour, and should also be piped into a more prominent location via vnc. (Ron)
  • tip the GBT down from 2-4 PM (Karen)

3. Posters and displays
  • Checker Cab outside for photo ops. signage stating why we have the old diesel cars. Could the checker cab be our logo for RFI mitigation? We like it!
  • An employment poster-- the jobs we do. Use the current postcard as the graphic element, and list jobs, economic benefits of the Observatory.
  • What do WE do on site to control RFI? We have many RFI boxes we can show, including the Caltech backend, the temperature sensors, and others. JMF
  • What is a Jansky? 2 Foot High numbers. How does that compare to the power received by your cell phone? Could create a long scale model of power detected display that compares these power requirements. Could have cool facts underneath like " did you know the GBT could detect your cellphone on Mars?"
  • What Makes Green Bank Unique?
    • forever wild
    • Quiet Zone- only one in the country
    • we need your help to protect this natural resource.

4. Promotion and Give Aways:
  • Advertising: big ad in Pocahontas Times-- do we go broader with advertising?
  • Postcard to every resident
  • Giveaway ideas: Checker Cab Fridge Magnets, ethernet cables; whatever we give away, it should have the rfi theme to it

50th Anniversary Open House

Notes from Meeting One of the LOC

Notes, Open House Meeting

Openhouse locations discussed include the Machine Shop, Electronics Lab, GBT control Room, GBT (inside the fence), Science Center, Anechoic Chamber/Antenna Test Range, Reber and Jansky Antennas, 140 Foot, Jansky Auditorium for movies?

We’ll need to make Maps with stops indicated. People can get a ticket at each stop to be used to put in for door prizes raffle.

1. Machine shop: Need 2 people. We’ll need to pay people overtime to come in (8 hours). Show and Tell: Feeds ( before- raw aluminum and after) made by lathe, parts made by milling machine. Would be cool to make something simple. Have a couple of machines going. Could then be a door prize. Something like an aluminum logo. Show Mike Bill’s 50th medallion design. People would be routed through the entrance to the shop, then out through the carpenter’s shop. Turn off machines in the carpenter’s shop at the breakers.

2. E. Lab Will have 2-3 stops, interactive demos there.-- Get Ron to come over from CV to show new pulsar machine?

3. GBT Control Room-- 2 people? Have Balcony Open. Have all operator’s screens open. Demo the audio of the receiver room.

4. GBT. 2 people needed down there. Need to get inside the gate of the GBT to make the day special. Hardhats not needed is we stay outside the drip line? Schedule and publicize move times. Pick a few bright pulsars to observe, and go between them through-out the day. Broadcast sounds over speaker.

5. Anechoic Chamber is cool. Will need someone there. Map could include a walk to the Antenna Test Range then to Anechoic via outside door.

6. Someone at the Reber and Jansky Antennas.

7. 140’ tipped over. If the bus is to stop there, then we need a couple of people there, in case someone needs to be escorted to the bathroom.

8 Science Center will include: Computer Science exhibit, Wesley outside with RFI exhibit, scheduled talks and demos in the auditorium, StarLab, as well as engineering activities like “make a tower out of gumdrops and tooth picks.” How to make the Computer Science Cool—set up in the Science Center with an exhibit: Computers then and now, or perhaps an activity in the Computer Lab. Tickets required for time slots to prevent overcrowding in the lab.

10. Food: Hotdogs, Drinks ( lemonade and iced tea) Cookies, served outside—back entrance?

11. Should we somehow display practical spin-offs from radio astronomy? Economic Benefit to the area? Funding? How small it really is? Jay says recommended reading is Woody’s Cultural Significance of Radio Astronomy article. Sue Ann will share this. She has copies.

12. T-shirt for staff—50th t-shirt design. Can sell these as well.

13. Time capsule? YES!

14. Need parking people. Need first aid available- talk to Janet.

15. Need GBT handout—Jay

16. Removable tattoos?

17 Irish Road Bowling tournament?

18. Other exhibits? DNR- Deer teeth aging, results of controlled Hunt? Ask Mike Holstine.

19. Special Speaker? Seth Shostak?

20. Door Prizes instead of a cheap give-aways. Kids get tickets for completing activities, can place the tickets in buckets of prizes they want—could include 6” dobsonian telescope, sky atlases, cool science toys, nice stuff.

21. Digital Cameras will not be allowed in the Radio Astronomy Zone. Richard has authorised the purchase of “cardboard cameras” to give away to people. We’ll look in to customizing the cameras for the event.

22. Need tickets for things like StarLab, GBT Control Room, GBT tour.

23. Invitations to: Sugar Grove County Officials Snowshoe management Senator Byrd and Rockefellar Reporesentative Rahall, Governor Macnhin NSF? Talk to CV. Collaborators? Mustang, MIT, UCinn. Maryland.

24. Publicity in Newspapers, CVB., radio stations.
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