Galaxy Discussion Group (2014 - 2015)

This is the page for the 2014/2015 NRAO/UVA Galaxy Discussion Group. The purpose of this group is to discuss various topics related to galaxies, AGN, and the evolution of both. The discussions are informal and are led by volunteers depending on the topic of the day, which we are attempting to broadly organize by a ~monthly theme. Contact Jen Donovan Meyer (jmeyer at to be added to the email list for this group.


Tuesdays from 3:30 to 4:30 in the NRAO Library.

Upcoming Topics

Dwarf galaxies

What is the radio emission from radio-quiet AGN?

XUV disks

Barred galaxies


- Watson et al (2015) A dusty, normal galaxy in the epoch of reionization, (Drew)

- Fisher et al (2015) The rarity of dust in metal-poor galaxies, (Drew)

- Rafelski et al (2012) Metallicity Evolution of Damped Lyα Systems Out to z ~ 5, (Dom)

- Becker et al (2011) High-redshift Metals. II. Probing Reionization Galaxies with Low-ionization Absorption Lines at Redshift Six,

- Kudritzki et al (2015) The chemical evolution of local star-forming galaxies: radial profiles of ISM metallicity, gas mass, and stellar mass and constraints on galactic accretion and winds,

- Maier et al (2015) Mass-metallicity relation of zCOSMOS galaxies at z ≈ 0.7, its dependence on star formation rate, and the existence of massive low-metallicity galaxies, (Jen)

- Kirby et al (2013) The Universal Stellar Mass-Stellar Metallicity Relation for Dwarf Galaxies, (Sandy)

- Lisa Kewley and Jeff Rich -- metallicity and merging systems

- Mannucci et al 2010 (metallicity fundamental plane)

AGN hosts

Date Topic Moderator(s) Paper(s) Notes
August 19
dwarfs: dust-to-gas ratio, low metallicity systems
August 26
dwarfs: drivers of HI turbulence (VLA-ANGST)
September 2
dwarfs: MegaSAGE meeting at NRAO
(no galaxy group meeting)
September 9
dwarfs: CO in a nearby dwarf, her own work
Amanda Kepley
September 16
dwarfs: M. Geha's work on color, environment; blue compact dwarfs
Drew, Thuan
September 23
AGN/nearby SB: Arp 220 and NGC 4418
Gonzalez-Alfonso et al. (2012, 2013)
September 30
AGN/nearby SB: host galaxies of microJy radio sources
Mark Lacy
October 7
AGN/nearby SB: radio galaxies at 20 GHz
October 14
Borneo HI meeting, Arp 220
Jen, Loreto
October 21
VLA futures planning (and topics for the rest of the year)
Mark, Adam
October 28
AGN/nearby SB: AGN in dwarfs
November 4
Leiden meeting + galaxy discussion
November 11
(NRAO holiday)
November 18
Gas around galaxies: CGM around M31
November 25
Gas around galaxies: simulations of DLA kinematics; and dwarf galaxies around Andromeda
Marcel Neeleman (UCSD), Michelle Collins (Yale)
December 2
Molecular masses from line measurements
December 9
ALMA meeting in Tokyo
(no galaxy group meeting)
December 16
Pathways to Developing ALMA - 2030: Fullreport_f2f_October2014.pdf
December 23,30; January 6
(holidays, AAS)
January 13
AAS recap, planning
all, Jen
January 20
stars without gas, gas without stars, and HI entrained in the MW wind
Jay Lockman
Spekkens et al (2014, ApJ Letters), Nicols et al (2014 MNRAS), McClure-Griffiths et al (2013, ApJ Letters 740, L4), Fox et al (2014arXiv1412.1480F)
January 27
Molecular masses from line measurements (week 2)
Feb 03
Calculating critical densities, live demo of RADEX
Feb 10
Dual AGN systems, AGN hosts
George Privon, Mark
Feb 17
(NRAO closed due to snow)
Feb 24
Review of compact groups
March 3
Compact groups: environments
March 10
Compact groups: FIR cooling
March 17
SED modeling, compact groups: metals
Susan Kassin (STScI), Drew
March 24
(Tuesday colloquium)
March 31
(Tuesday colloquium)
April 7
(Tuesday colloquium)
April 14
(Tuesday colloquium)
April 21
(ALMA proposal deadline week)
April 28
Compact groups: star formation and environment
May 5
Compact groups: AGN, diffuse x-rays
Loreto, Kelsey
May 12
Compact groups: Galaxy Evolution in WISE data
Catherine Zucker
May 19
S4G, star forming galaxies, planning
Taehyun, Jen
May 26
Physical properties of submm galaxies
Jun 02
Metals: Damped Lyα systems, recap of SF conference in Poland
Dom, Al
Jun 09
Metals: Mass-metallicity relationship for dwarfs
Jun 16
Recap of compact radio source workshop, ADMIT project
Carol, Lee Mundy/Peter Teuben/Marc Pound
Jun 23
Metals: dusty galaxies at high redshift
Jun 30
(Diversity Series talk 3-4)
Jul 7
Star formation efficiency in dense molecular gas
Jul 14
Star formation laws and radio continuum
Jul 21
Metals: mergers as outliers from the metallicity fundamental plane
Jul 28
Metals: mass-metallicity relation at z=0.7
Aug 4
Gas and ETG evolution, KAT-7 (her own work)
Aug 11
Galaxy stellar populations and broadband SED fitting
Aug 18
Megamaser Cosmology Project
Aug 25
Warm and cold HI in nearby galaxies
Sep 01
Dense molecular gas and star formation in M51

Other topics

Conferences of interest

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