Dinner at Fred Lo's House, Oct 9th, 6-8:30pm

105 Rowledge Place, Charlottesville, 22903
  Name Yes Regrets Notes
1 Philippe Andre   X Arriving late
2 Cara Battersby X   Vegetarian
3 Sarah Church X    
4 Neal Evans X   Arrives CHO at 7:17, will take taxi to house
5 James Di Francesco X   Dairy Allergy
6 Rachel Friesen X   Vegetarian
7 Yasuo Fukui X    
8 Gary Fuller X    
9 Paul Goldsmith   X Flight does not allow time to get to dinner
10 Alyssa Goodman X    
11 Andy Harris X    
12 Amanda Heiderman X   Pescatarian (seafood, fish, eggs, dairy all ok)
13 Fabian Heitsch   X Arriving too late
14 Mark Heyer X    
15 Helen Kirk   X Arriving too late
16 Rueben Krasnopolsky X   with Zhi-Yun Li
17 Di Li X    
18 Zhi-Yun Li X   Bringing Ruben Krasnopolsky
19 Lee Mundy      
20 Philip Myers X   Would like a ride from Red Roof Inn, or will take taxi
21 Giles Novak X    
22 Eve Ostriker   X  
23 Juergen Ott X    
24 Joshua Peek   X Arriving too late
25 Ralph Pudritz X    
26 Tony Readhead X    
27 Jonathan Tan   X Arriving late the evening of the 9th
28 Leonardo Testi X    
29 Shirley Yancy   X  
30 Enrique Vazquez X    
31 Al Wootten X    
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