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  • NGC253 mosaic in B, C, D

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Galaxies in fuchsia have observations set up for possible galactic HI interference.

Percentage Calibrated: 38.89% (70/180) frown, sad smile

Galaxy Array Config data set # Done? Comment
301       Galaxy fills the primary beam with robust 5: moment 0 map
NGC3109 B j1 Yes Adrienne - Flux cal has arcs in calibrated real,im plot but it's because there's a phase slope in the raw data. Phase cal is good.
NGC3109 B j2 Yes Adrienne
NGC3109 C j1 Yes Adrienne
NGC3109 D j1 Yes Adrienne
NGC3109 D j2 Yes Adrienne
302       moment 0 map
SexA B j1 Yes Adrienne (high amp from 12:12:16-end of scan)
SexA B x5 No  
SexA B x6 No  
SexA C j1 Yes Adrienne - had to flag all east-arm baselines. this didn't change the noise too much in the final image.
SexA C x5 No  
SexA D j1 Yes Adrienne - incorrect calibrator; we can't calibrate with 1024-008! Used UVRANGE 0 2 for calibration (instead of 0 4.5) but it appeared to work okay.
SexA D j2 Yes Adrienne - solar interference in phase cal and galaxy. Used UVRANGE 1 0 for calib in phase cal. Not a problem after continuum subtraction.
303       moment 0 map
SexB B j1 Yes Adrienne - antenna 18 had some phase spikes. beware. Lots of closure errors but solutions look okay. UVCOP final CVEL files from 55-157 (also for D). Then re-run CVEL on the UVCOP data sets with aparm(1) = 301, aparm(2) = 55 to match velocity definition of archival data.
SexB C x5 Yes wobbly phase solutions, +/- 20 degrees for some antennas. BLOAT will be useful to expand the number of channels: aparm = 206 55 1 103. Second flux/bp calibrator is BAD; do not use for bp calibration.
SexB C x6 No Same observation as above but with different phase calibrator. this one had very little data; not included.
SexB D j1 Yes Adrienne
SexB D x5 Yes  
304       moment 0 map - there is also ~30 channels that are negative in the upper right corner of the cube. It is not an artifact from continuum subtraction; it is there in the data before continuum subtraction.
DDO125 B j1 Yes Adrienne
DDO125 C j1 Yes Adrienne
DDO125 D j1 Yes Adrienne
DDO125 D j2 Yes Adrienne - flux cal observation in between galaxy and phase cal. Shouldn't affect anything but looks like a phase jump. Had to flag evla-vla baselines on first galaxy scan because of flaky amplitudes.
305 - Swaters has peak flux of 1.3, we have 0.8       all observations had lots of closure errors, but the final cube looks fine. moment 0 map
DDO99 B j1 Yes Adrienne
DDO99 C j1 Yes Adrienne
DDO99 D j1 Yes Adrienne
DDO99 D j2 Yes Adrienne
306       moment 0 map.
Combining with archival data: SPECR to 103 points; CVEL 160 km/s to channel 55 with aparm(9) = 2; SPLIT with channel 1, chinc 2, aparm(1) = 3; BLOAT to 103 channels; CVEL again: 160 km/s to channel 55 with no hanning smoothing (?); combine. then ocne all the data are combined, chop off end channels with no VLA-ANGST data, leaving us with ~50 channels in the cube.
DDO190 B j1 Yes Adrienne - Galaxy is rotated by 180 degrees - this is fixed with FLOPM optype 'VLAE'. To combine with archival data, run: UVCOP (bchan 3 echan 206), SPECR (npoints 41), BLOAT (aparm 103 27 1 52) Still not clear that it is actually correctly combining with C configuration data, though.
DDO190 C x5 Yes Velocity resolution is 4x that of B array (12khz instead of 3khz)
DDO190 D j1 No Adrienne - Lots of bad gain exponents in FILLM, missing first phase calibrator!! No flagging done.
DDO190 D j2 Yes Adrienne - second obs of flux cal has a weird bandpass solution. phase cal bpass looks okay the whole time. ???? flagged it.
307       moment 0 map
N3741 B j1 Yes Adrienne - lots of closure errors without any obvious cause
N3741 C j1 Yes Adrienne
N3741 D j1 No Adrienne - calibrators have spontaneous changes in amplitude. galaxy has a jump in amplitude partway through. no way to calibrate.
N3741 D j2 Yes Adrienne - second obs. of flux calibrator has phase jumps in bandpass solution as a function of channel. can't track down the problem. flagging entire second obs. of flux cal.
N4163 B j1 Yes Steven
N4163 B h5 Yes Steven
N4163 C j1 Yes Steven
N4163 C h5 Yes Steven
N4163 C x5 No  
N4163 C x6 No  
N4163 D j1 Yes Steven
N4163 D x5 No  
N4163 D x6 No  
N4163 D x7 No FILLM splits this file up funny. Also only 19 mins on source. Do it later?
309       moment 0 map
N4190 B j1 Yes Adrienne
N4190 C j1 Yes Adrienne
N4190 D j1 Yes Adrienne - bad calibrator data. dynamic obs. couldn't calibrate
N4190 D j2 Yes Adrienne - re-downloaded data
310       moment 0 map
N247 B j1 Yes Adrienne - LOTS of closure errors but snplt looks okay. UVmax is 40 for 0137+331. edit script for this for all b config observations.e Phase cal falls off to 14 Jy at 100 klambda but it's okay within the correct uvrange.
N247 B j2 Yes  
N247 B j3 Yes  
N247 B j4 Yes  
N247 C j1 Yes  
N247 D j1 Yes Adrienne - phases are completely incoherent during the middle phase cal obs. flagged it. calibration looks okay - galaxy in D-config doesn't seem weird.
N247 D j2 No Adrienne - Phase cal observed at incorrect frequency (off by 0.2 MHz - but this is a problem for evla antennas).
N253-NEp1 B j1 No  
N253-NEp1 B j2 No  
N253-NEp1 B j3 No  
N253-NEp1 B j4 No  
N253-NEp1 B j5 No  
N253-NEp1 C j1 No  
N253-NEp1 D j1 No  
N253-NEp1 D j2 No  
N253-SWp2 B j1 No  
N253-SWp2 C DNE No  
N253-SWp2 D j1 No  
312       moment 0 map
Antlia B j1 Corrupt Don't use.
Antlia B j2 Yes Adrienne - last two phase calibrator scans might need to be flagged; lots of antennas missing. Check calibration first. Phase spikes in second pointing on flux cal.
Antlia B j3 Yes Adrienne - first flux calibrator scan has a lot of amp. differences in lots of places. I flagged the main ones. Check calibration first.
Antlia C x5 Yes x5 and x6 in c config both have 6 khz separation. run SPECR on the B-j? and D-j? data with npoints '103' to combine. then rerun cvel?? Also run UVFIX on the x? data to precess the coordinates to J2000.
Antlia C x6 Yes  
Antlia D j1 Yes Adrienne - possibly some solar interference in flux cal?
Antlia D j2 Yes Adrienne
Antlia D x5 Yes Had to manually run UVCOP with bchan 7/echan 109 because bandpass was shifted a bit.
313       moment map.: Changed REDUCT1/2 to use the model for the phase calibrator, seeing as it's 1331+305.
KK230 B j1 Yes Adrienne - This is a single frequency observation!! Source has incorrect name (kkr25). Editing the source appears to work (you can split off kk230 with its correct name): default tabed; inext 'su'; invers 1; outvers 1; bcount 2; ecount 2; optype 'repl'; aparm(1) = 2; keystrng 'kk230'; getn N
KK230 C j1 Yes Adrienne - first phase cal scan has triangle-shaped phases (going from 180 at the beginning fo the scan to 0 at the end for example) but I think interpolation is okay... Not sure why this happens. NEW STRATEGY: read in only the freqid 3 observations (which become freqid 1 in the new file) because the phase and flux cal ar ethe same. If you don't do this, there are slopes in the bandpasses. Silly to calibrate off-frequency when you can calibrate on-frequency. I will do this for the d-j2 observation as well. d-j1 is messed up.
KK230 D j1 No Adrienne - phases are messed up throughout this whole observation. can't use.
KK230 D j2 Yes Adrienne - flagged first half of galaxy scans due to bad phases on first phase calibrator
314       moment 0 map
GR8 B j1 Yes Adrienne
GR8 C x5 Yes  
GR8 C x6 %Red% No  
GR8 D 1 Yes Adrienne
GR8 D 1 Yes Adrienne
315       Galaxy looks good. I think there seems to be more rotation in the cube than the mom1 map leads you to believe... Here is the moment map.
DDO187 B j1 Yes Steven
DDO187 B h5 Yes Steven
DDO187 B h6 Yes Steven
DDO187 C j1 Yes Steven
DDO187 C h5 Yes Steven
DDO187 D j1 Bad Steven - this observation is bad. Something went terrible wrong with the phase calibrator observations. None of the phases are coherent (phase calibrator is from 0 - 360 at all times it seems). Also the bandpasses are very messed up.
DDO187 D j2 Yes Steven
DDO187 D j3 Yes Steven
DDO187 D h5 Yes Steven
DDO187 D x5 No  
DDO187 D x6 No  
316     here's the moment map.
KKH98 B j1 Yes Adrienne- all VLA-EVLA baselines have a very low amplitude at ~21:48 in flux cal.
KKH98 C j1 Yes Adrienne
KKH98 D j1 Yes Adrienne
KKH98 D j2 Yes Adrienne -had to calibrate with freqid2
317       The cube has some low level ripples (well within the noise). There is a nice central hole in the ISM that visually overlaps with the stellar disk central density. Here is the moment map.
U8508 B j1 Yes Steven--Had to flag a lot of data in this observation. the calibrators had a lot of bad data, and the source was all messed up towards the end (due to the bad calibration).
U8508 B h5 Yes Steven
U8508 C j1 Yes Steven
U8508 C h5 Yes Steven - For whatever reason BPASS wont run on FREQID 1 with the flag table selected. I do not know why this is. The raw data were not that bad, so I ran BPASS without the flag table. Also flagged entire channel 94. This channel was bad and I couldn't track down the bad stuff..I figured with all the data for this galaxy, one missing channel isn't going to kill us. (Adrienne: running BPASS without the flag table will introduce aliasing due to the EVLA-EVLA baselines. I'm not sure how big of an affect this will have. Also the wiki autolinked that first EVLA to the evla page. huh.)
U8508 D j1 Check Steven--Not convinced this is usable data...skipping for now (only 14 mins on source, and missing high freq calibrator)
U8508 D j2 Yes Steven
U8508 D j3 Yes Steven
U8508 D h5 Yes Steven
318       Galaxy looks fine. Here is the moment map. Some low level ripples, but well within the noise.
DDO181 B j1 Yes Steven - ~2 hours of missing phase calibrator scans in the middle of the observation. Data seems to calibrate OK though.
DDO181 C j1 Yes Steven
DDO181 D j1 Yes Steven
DDO181 D j2 Yes Steven
319       moment map.
UA292 B j1 Yes Adrienne
UA292 B h5 Yes Adrienne - can't tell if this is B or CnB. labeled as ua292-c-h5
UA292 C h5 Yes Adrienne - can't tell if this is B or CnB. labeled as ua292-c-h6
UA292 C x6 No  
UA292 D j1 Yes Adrienne
UA292 D j2 Yes Adrienne - second obs. of flux calibrator has phase jumps in bandpass solution as a function of channel. can't track down the problem. flagging entire second obs. of flux cal. (like n3741)
UA292 D h5 Yes Adrienne
U8833 B j1 Yes Adrienne
U8833 C x5 Yes  
U8833 D j1 Yes Adrienne
U8833 D j2 Yes Adrienne
U4483 B j1 Yes EVLA-VLA baselines have a funny phase solution, but the phases are okay for the phase cal.
U4483 B x5 Yes  
U4483 B x6 Yes  
U4483 B x7 Yes  
U4483 C x5 Yes  
U4483 C x6 Yes  
U4483 D j1 Yes Crashes REDUCT2 script - only one flux cal in freqid 1, galaxy and phase cal are in freqid 2. "hacked" readin to read in a calibrator NOT related to u4483 - calibrated with FREQID 1 as usual and ignored this second dummy calibrator.
U4483 D j2 Yes  
DDO6 B j1 Yes Adrienne - first scan of phase cal is missing.
DDO6 B j2 Yes Adrienne - phase cal scan missing
DDO6 C j1 Yes Adrienne
DDO6 D j1 Yes Adrienne - phase cal scan missing
DDO6 D j2 Yes Adrienne - phase cal scan missing
323       Another noise only cube. Our source is not detected.
KKH37 B j1 Yes Steven
KKH37 C j1 Yes Steven
KKH37 D j1 Yes Steven
KKH37 D j2 Yes Steven
324       What a faint little galaxy, but hey, at least this cube has a galaxy in it...the column density is not high enough to make a mom1 map. Also, the robust = 0.5 cube has only 2 channels worth of data...faint things are fun...Here is the moment map.
KDG73 B j1 Yes Steven
KDG73 C j1 Yes Steven
KDG73 D j1 Yes Steven
KDG73 D j2 Yes Steven
325       This is another blank cube. There is no HS117, but there is quite a bit of Galactic interference, but not where our source should be.
HS117 B j1 Yes Steven
HS117 C j1 Yes Steven
HS117 D j1 Yes Steven
HS117 D j2 Yes Steven
326       M81 is in every channel (i.e. zero line-free channels) and there is Galactic interference. BK3N is a small galaxy within the HI disk of M81 (or some tidal stream), adding to the complication. The calibration looks good though... There are some negatives around M81 from the continuum subtraction (I used channels 1-75, 145-206 for continuum fitting), however the area around bk3n looks fine.
BK3N B j1 Yes Steven
BK3N C j1 Yes Steven
BK3N D j1 Yes Steven
BK3N D j2 Yes Steven
327       No detection of KKR25, but there is emission in the cube at a similar velocity to the upper left. The emission spans roughly 20 channels, is resolved, and is rather large. Looking at a NED image of the area doesn't show anything obvious (a bunch of point sources). Could this be a HVC? Here is the moment map.
KKR25 B j1 Yes Steven--the first flux calibrator was only observed with EVLA antennas? but the source and phase and second flux cal were all observed normally. I only used to ending calibrator for flux calibration and ignored the first calibrator. also most of the evla antennas seem to have had a lot of issues during this observation... tread lightly here. lots of closure errors, but all of the calibration checks seem to be OK...
KKR25 C j1 Yes Steven
KKR25 D j1 Yes Steven
KKR25 D j2 Yes Steven
328       Odd problems in cube; can't track them down yet.
KKH86 B j1 Check Adrienne
KKH86 C j1 Check Adrienne
KKH86 D j1 Check Adrienne
KKH86 D j2 Check Adrienne
329       MW emission in some of the same channels as n404 emission. this is a galaxy to work on when we meet somewhere. I've got it imaged but am running into lots of problems. Mainly it's that the shape of the beam changes in the channels where the inner 0.5 klambda have been deleted, which makes cleaning difficult (I've currently modified the combiner script to cut out two beams), but then also affects JVM/spectra/moment maps/etc. Ugh! MCUBE in AIPS is useful for replacing channels of an existing cube (ie for unsharp masking).
N404 B j1 Check Adrienne
N404 C x5 Check Adrienne
N404 D j1 Check Adrienne - last phase cal scan flagged online. VLA (not EVLA) antennas have low amp in phase cal obs. may be useless.
N404 D j2 Check Adrienne - in order to remove galactic interference, run clip with bchan,echan set and aparm = -1,-1,1,1,0. Then UVCOP and apply that flag table?
N404 D x5 Check Adrienne
330       This is a blank cube (only noise). We were not sensitive to our we at least have an upper limit? Naturally, there is no moment map to share. The cube has some low level (below the noise) rippling that is not worth tracking down.
KDG63 B j1 Yes Steven -- galaxy? what galaxy? There is no galaxy in the B array image...hooray!
KDG63 C j1 Yes Steven -- galaxy? what galaxy? There is no galaxy in the C array image either
KDG63 D j1 Yes Steven--phase calibrator observed at slightly different frequency than the galaxy (1.42101001 for cal vs. 1.42100000 for gal)...must read in with cparm(7) = 0 in FILLM (not the usual cparm(7) = 0.1). Adrienne: I don't think we can use this; evla-vla transition causes phase jumps in some baselines if there is a frequency change - so phase jumps between the phase cal/galaxy - no good!
KDG63 D j2 Yes Steven
KDG63 D x5 No  
331       DDO113 does not appear in this data. NGC4214 is in the field, however, but is part of the THINGS sample.
DDO113 B j1 Yes Steven--Few hours of data missing due to bad weather
DDO113 C j1 Yes Steven--First Flux calibrator only has 20 seconds worth of data
DDO113 D j1 Yes Steven
DDO113 D j2 Yes Steven
332       Galaxy looks good. Here is the moment map.
DDO183 B j1 Yes Steven
DDO183 C j1 Yes Steven
DDO183 D j1 Yes Steven
DDO183 D j2 Yes Steven
333       Galaxy looks good. Here is the moment map. There is another mcg9 galaxy in the image to the lower left. The spectra made by the imaging script includes this other galaxy as well since it was also cleaned and part of the mask file. So one with just mcg9-20-131 needs to be made...
MCG9-20-131 B j1 Yes Steven
MCG9-20-131 C j1 Yes Steven
MCG9-20-131 D j1 Yes Steven
334       This is not a galaxy according to Evan.
A0952+69 B j1 Yes Steven -- Very few line free channels for Arp's loop...Don't really know how to image this one...
A0952+69 C j1 Yes Steven
A0952+69 D j1 Yes Steven
335       Galaxy looks good. Here is the moment map.
DDO82 B j1 Yes Steven
DDO82 C j1 Yes Steven
DDO82 D j1 Yes Steven
DDO82 D j2 Yes Steven
336       No detection. Galactic interference in IF2 ch. 60 - 80ish.
KK77 B j1 Yes Adrienne - edited PREIM to create PREIM2 script that deals with two ifs. for ujoin, enter 1 103 1 1 103 93 at the prompt in the script. 5% slope across UJOINed phase cal spectrum.
KK77 C j1 Yes Adrienne
KK77 C x5 Yes Adrienne
KK77 D j1 Yes Adrienne
KK77 D j2 No Adrienne - amplitude jump in middle of galaxy scan; can't use (dynamic obs)
KK77 D x5 Yes Adrienne

-- JuergenOtt - 19 Jul 2008

-- JuergenOtt - 07 Nov 2008

Here is a list of all of the problems we've had with reduction so far (cough, cough, EVLA):

* must flag evla-evla antennas (aliasing in bandpass) * gains are funny * phases wrap * no doppler tracking * must be more. * north arm baselines were always funny in d configuraiton * running out of vla antennas in d config
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