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__ALMA Holography Crib Sheets__ Last Update: Main.JeffMangum 22 May 2007 Software Startup 1 runOMC: Start the OMC. 1 Connectivity panel: 1...
__ALMA Holography Monitor and Control Software Requirements__ Last Update: Main.JeffMangum 09 Nov 2006 Main.DarrelEmerson and Main.JeffMangum developed a list...
Continuum Total Power Issues Contents * Total Power Sampling: ALMA continuum total power sampling discussion. * Total Power Sampler Design Considerations:...
Amateur Radio Astronomy Last Modified: Main.JeffMangum 20 May 2008 Table of Contents: Astronomy with HAM Radio Equipment * Radio Observations of Two Solar ...
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__ALMA Optical Pointing System Acceptance__ Last Update: Main.JeffMangum 30 April 2007 OPT Coordination Meetings * Next Meeting Date: 2007/04/30 (Monday)...
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