DV01 Metrology System Issues and Tracking

TIP Last Update: JeffMangum - 11 September 2009

Issues Tracked

For in-depth discussion of all issues associated with DV01 metrology integration and commissioning see the DV01 Metrology Issues topic.

  • Replace T1
    • 2009-09-11: Waiting for replacement.
  • Replace Linear Sensors
    • 2009-09-11: Waiting for replacement.
  • Update ACU metrology interface software
    • 2009-09-11: Waiting to schedule.

Associated JIRA Tickets

  • AIV-743: Check Linear Sensor Metrology System Software

Metrology System Calibration Constants

Date Pad AN0 (arcsec) AW0 (arcsec) SA2 (arcsec) SA3 (arcsec) phi2 (deg) phi3 (deg) NPAE (arcsec) Comments
1 February 2009
Acceptance values

Tiltmeter Metrology System Calibration Offsets

Date Pad TiltXOffset (arcsec) TiltYOffset (arcsec) Tiltmeter Blanking Time (sec) Tiltmeter Filter Time (sec) Comments

Linear Sensor Metrology System Calibration Offsets

Antenna Pad LS Offset 1A (mm) LS Offset 1B (mm) LS Offset 2A (mm) LS Offset 2B (mm) Comment

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