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  • Long Term Probabilities:

Run the simulator for the current group of allocations for a given trimester using historical weather data. For example, consider trimester 8A. We need to schedule four months (Feb, Mar, Apr, and May). We have N allocations that we wish to schedule during this period that consist of proposals from 8A plus any backlog. Run the simulator over this trimester using these allocations for the year 2003, 2004, 2005, etc. For a specific allocation (e.g, 8A6) determine the percentage of time this allocation is scheduled relative to the total time for this allocation during a specified time span (e.g., one month).

The figure below show an example of how these results might be displayed. The data were randomly generated; that is, the simulator was not used here. The red and blue vertical lines are sparklines and indicate if any time was given to a specific allocation over a period on one day (blue=yes, red=no). Each line corresponds to one day. The sparklines provide a qualitative measure of when this particular allocation is executed for several years of historical weather data. The year in which the simulation was executed is given to the left. On the right are the percentages over a time range of one month and provide a quantitative measure of when the allocation was scheduled.


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