Instructions for GBT12B-294: A WISE Extension of the HRDS? (Thomas Bania, Loren Anderson, Dana Balser, Trey Wenger)

Observing (X-band)

  1. Set the scan number to 1.
  2. Run scheduling block peakFocus_n-m. This will perform an AutoPeakFocus. The values of "n" and "m" are numbers corresponding to the range of scheduling blocks below for which the pointing source is valid. For example, let's assume there are two pointing scheduling blocks called peakFocus_1-2 and peakFocus_3-10. Then peakFocus_1-2 should be used for sb01 and sb02; and peakFocus_3-10 should be used for sb03, sb04, sb05, sb06, sb07, sb08, sb09, and sb10.
  3. Run scheduling blocks sb01, sb02, sb03, etc.. Each scheduling block will perform 1 TCJ2 (consisting of 4 continuum scans with the DCR), and then 2 OffOn pairs with the Spectrometer. Run these scheduling blocks in order. If you have to abort during one of the scheduling blocks just run it again.
  4. Perform a peak/focus about every 2 hours or when a new pointing source is required. At X-band we want to update the pointing about every two hours, except during sunrise/sunset where you should point every hour. The time for each scheduling block is about 30 minutes.

So the sequence might be something like:

  1. peakFocus_1-2
  2. sb01
  3. sb02
  4. peakFocus_3-10
  5. sb03
  6. sb04
  7. sb05
  8. sb06
  9. peakFocus_3-10
  10. sb07
  11. sb08
  12. sb09
  13. sb10

Quality Control

  1. Check the pointing/focus results. If the pointing or focus scans are bad then just abort and re-run peakFocus_n-m. If the pointing or focus cans continue to fail after two attempts then just move on to the other scheduling blocks. Use previous pointing and focus corrections if available; otherwise zero out these corrections.
  2. Check the Spectrometer bandpass. We are tuned to 8 spectral windows at 2 polarizations. Make sure we have a reasonable bandpass in all 16 spectra. For example, below is a screen shot of Astrid for one of our runs where only half of the spectra look normal (that is, there is gain over the approximately 50 MHz bandwidth), but the other half are corrupt. When this occurs please reset the Spectrometer and run the scheduling block again.


-- DanaBalser - 2012-12-05
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