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Computes the Y-axis limits to autorange over the specified x-axis range. Returns a list of length 2. It does this by calling computeYStatsForXLimits.


au.computeYLimitsForXLimits(x, y, xlimits)


CASA <2>: import numpy as np
CASA <3>: x=np.array(range(20))
CASA <4>: y=np.cos(x/20.)
CASA <10>: au.computeYLimitsForXLimits(x,y,range(8,12))
full ylimits: 0.581683,1.000000   within x-range: 0.900447,0.921061
  Out[10]: [0.90044710235267689, 0.9210609940028851]

-- ToddHunter - 2013-11-25
Topic revision: r1 - 2013-11-25, ToddHunter
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