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Spring 2012


Fall 2011

9/9 - LEADS meeting, no colloqium 9/16 - EVLA data reduction workshop, so no colloquium at that date 9/23 9/30 -> demorest 10/7 10/14 -> NM symposium 10/24 -> Sarah Brough (Nuria Lorente) MONDAY 10/28 11/4 11/11 holiday - no colloquium 11/18 -> Sebastian Heinz 11/25 holiday - no colloquium 12/2 12/9 12/16




demorest -- 30 Sep


Greenhill -- Nov 2



Heinz -- Nov 18

michael ==== Chevalier Lim Filippenko Monet Harvey Troland

juergen ====

Lacki Moullet Habib Zhang Erickson

Storchi-Bergman Gaensler

elena gallo (michigan) xray binaries virgo (michael) <--

todd strohmeyer (michael) goddard GEMS x-ray spectroscopy

teddy cheung

koji mukai x-ray suzaku

bildsten northwestern


mihalas los alamos

psaltis compact objects




get Dey, he was ill in spring

phil appleton

Lincoln Greenhill (from Jake)


nickl elias

butha barred galaxies (maybe)

steven whyte abq

mars rover


dave woody




umass erickson

rick fisher

umass rsro

kepler high time resolution

snezana stanimirovic

larry denario???

Nirupam's email:

(1a) Debra Elmegreen Vassar College, NY Email: Works on star formation, structure of spiral and interacting galaxies

(1b) Bruce Elmegreen <-- T. J. Watson Research Center (IBM), NY Email: Works on galactic structure, ISM and star formation

(2) Alex Lazarian University of Wisconsin at Madison, WI Email: Works on MHD reconnection, dynamo theory, interstellar dust, ISM turbulence, dynamics of molecular clouds

(3) Smita Mathur Ohio State University, OH Email: Works on AGN physics, X-ray astronomy, high redshift universe

(4) Martin Elvis Harvard Smithsonian CfA, MA Email: Works on quasars and AGNs, IGM, X-ray Surveys, multi-wavelength astrophysics, X-ray satellites

(5) Tom Troland University of Kentucky, Email: Works on ISM magnetic field

(6) Avinash Deshpande Raman Research Institute, India (He usually spends a good amount of time in GBT/Arecibo every year, so we can ask him if he can combine a trip to Socorro in one such visit) Email: Works on radio pulsars, ISM small scale structures


Dale's email:

We were to have given you a list by yesterday. Here are some ideas for speakers. I head to France soon so give you what I have. Some of my ideas need developing. My ideas are heavily mission-specific and not science specific. That is not necessarily good.

(1) Bing Zhang. UNLV. People have asked me to have a GRB person who can summarize the state of the field. I do not need such a review but others want it. He is an excellent choice. He is heavily involved in Swift and writes many reviews. Low cost too since he is based in Las vegas, Nevada. I can host.

(2) R. Chris Smith. NOAO. I think he is in Chile but I would like to get him when he is visiting Tucson. he gave a talk at very wide field meeting last week but I do not know him and hence I am nervous. I am looking into it.

(3) The Fermi 2nd year catalog comes out soon. I'd like to hear a scientific highlights talk about Fermi. We have have gotten one alreadt here or in CV. Peter Michelson at Stanford ( is one name. Dave Thompson is another but he is at Goddard

(4) Who do we know is writing papers on Herschel Space Observatory? Someone from that continuum galaxy survey for example? To early?

(5) GAIA. I am still trying to find someone to come to talk to us about GAIA. This is relevant for the VLBA and rather important. These are some notes I am saving here: "Nick Walton, who is a member of the Gaia Science Team (I don't have his exact title), at a conference at STSCI last week. He'd be very happy to visit and talk to VLBA astrometrists. He is based in England (IOA, Cambridge). We could not identify any Gaia team members residing in the USA. His e-mail is:

I think I will suggest that Juergen invite Dave Monet. He is in Flagstaff so a cheap "date" for a colloquium. Juergen, here is his talk...

'> Astrometric Surveys in the Next Decade
'> David Monet (US Naval Observatory)
'> Gaia and LSST will do to astrometry
what an asteroid did to the dinosaurs. About 1e10 stars will have measures for parallax and proper motion (about 10% from Gaia and the rest from LSST), and the discipline of "astrometry" will be amazingly different in 2020 than it is in 2010. Those of us whose careers will be trashed by the end of the decade should understand what needs to be done to verify and validate the astrometric results that these surveys will produce, and must guide the next generation of astronomers in understanding the issues (good and bad) associated with survey astrometry.

Fall 2010

Tomaso Treu -- 2011 , maybe February 18 2011

Nick Elias

Dave Frayer

Aaron Parsons

Anthony Colaprete

Alice Shapley -- November 19

Mark Dickinson

Quataert -- accepted but for spring 2011

Andrea Ghez

Neal Evans: --- Oct 15

Paul Goldsmith -- Oct 22

Luis Ho -- Nov 12

Eric Murphy -- Oct 29

Barry Madore -- Nov 5

Jaffe -- Sep 24

Mark Lacy -- Sept 10


Begelman -- Sep 17

Saltzberg -- Oct 1*

Kip Thorne again?

Julianne Dalcanton again?

Scott Ransom

Spring 2011



John Kormendy

Suggestions from Others:

Claire: Dan Watson to give a talk on what Spitzer has told us about protoplanetary disks, but he's at Rochester so is more expensive.

Potential candiates:

D. Riechers (CIT) -- galaxy formation

Jill Tarter - SETI - SETI

Luis Ho - OCIW - galaxy evolution/AGN

Barry Madore - OCIW - Star formation/galaxy evolution

Yancy Shirley - Steward - chemical evolution

Peter Strittmatter - Steward - LBT/LSST/GMT

Mark Morris - UCLA - Galactic Center, SOFIA

Richard Ellis - Caltech - cosmology

Andrea Ghez - UCLA - star formation

Rosaly Lopez (?) - JPL - appears to be the planetary group leader

Andrei Linde Kavli - Big Bang

W. Latter or P. Appleton (HSC) -- Herschel

Tod Thomspon (OSU) -- Star formation laws

Keres (CfA) -- cold mode accretion

D. Backer/A. Parsons -- PAPER

R. Blandford (Stanford) -- A2010 review?

Prochaska (USCS) -- HI evolution of galaxies

Crystal Martin (UCSB) -- galaxy formation

Mitch Begelman (CU) -- AGN theory

Ken Nagamine (UNLV) -- simulations of galaxies

Arjun Dey (NOAO) -- galaxy formation

Lin Yan (CIT) -- galaxy formation

Malhotra (ASU) -- various

Joe Lazio (NRL) -- SKA

S. Jogee (UT) -- mergers and galaxy formation

NRAO people who need to be asked eventually

Jy fellows: numerous. but hard to get excited.

New staff: Dave Frayer, Mark Lacy, Kartik Sheth -- all would be great


Spring 2010

Invitees for 2010 Spring -- topics are our guesses, they will talk about whatever they like

Huib Intema -- NRAO Cville -- low freq data analysis -- need to shift to lunch talk

Mark Swain (JPL) - exoplanets (spectra) -- Feb 26

Shapley (UCLA) -- galaxy formation --- maybe 23 April

Freedman (OCIW) -- GMT, Ho

Dickinson (NOAO) -- galaxy formation tbd, if not, next semester

Jonas Zmuidzinas (CIT) -- state of art receivers (hardware) and CCAT

Rychard Bouwens (UCSC) -- first light --- May 7

Sean Carroll (CIT) -- cosmology

A. Leroy (NRAO cville) -- star formation in galaxies -- *May 14*

S.Weinreb (CIT) -- SKA hardware --- somewhat undetermined response

Eric Bell (Michigan) -- galaxy formation -- Feb 5

Tony Tyson (Davis) LSST (check if he has come already?)

Julianne Dalcanton - UWA - star formation histories

Capak (CIT) -- Cosmos -------- MARCH 5

Mike Brown - Caltech - (exo)Planets/KPOs --- May21

Paul Goldsmith - JPL - HERSCHEL (NASA Herschel Project Scientist) -- will come next semester

Juna Kollmeier - OCIW - cosmic web ---- March 26

Rhoads (ASU) -- large scale structure ---- April 9

Kip Thorne (Caltech) --- LIGO --- declined but maybe contact again?

Anthony Colaprete - LUNAR

Stephen White - Kirtland

Jan 29 -- could be Mr. Plait from 'bad astronomy' Dave Finley will ask him when he is visiting and if he can give a talk.

Thomaso Treu (UCSB)

Jonas Zmuidzinas -- April 16

Ivezic -- may 28

-- JuergenOtt - 2009-11-13
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