SOC Planning Page for China-US Workshop 2015

Proposed Title: Scientific and Technical Drivers for the Next Generation of Radio Telescopes

Proposed Dates: October 14-16, 2015

Location: SHAO, Shanghai, China

SOC: Braatz (Co-chair), Kellermann, Lo, Prestage, Beasley, Shen (Chair), Hong, Gao

To be done:

  • Finalize the list of invited speakers and their talks.
  • eNews article goes out June 10
  • Get invitation letters from China for US Visas
  • Decide on visit to FAST site. 3 days added to trip.
  • Decide on 1-2 day mini-course on radio interferometry and ALMA data processing?
  • Make a "Who's who?" book of participants. (A successful component of previous meetings).
  • Finalize program
    • Reserve at least 2 hours, preferably 1 full afternoon, for breakout sessions on specific collaborations
  • Update/maintain web sites
  • Missing science components: Astrometry (Moellenbrock?), Transients

Web sites:

US Invite list

  • NRAO
    • Attending: Braatz, Beasley, Kellermann, Prestage, Bastian, Demorest, Alyson Ford, Lockman, Srikanth, John Ford
    • Declined: Chandler, Bradley, Spolaor, Condon, Murphy, Myers, McKinnon
  • Other US
    • Attending: McLaughlin, Greene, Steve Smith (Sandy Weinreb's group), Homan, Pisano, Doeleman, Moran, Jeffs, Henning
    • Declined: Haynes, Lister, Reid, Minchin, Warnick

Program ideas: (order of talks, speakers, and topics are still TBD)

  Topic Speaker Notes
Status Talks
  Status of US Radio Astronomy Beasley  
  Status of Chinese Radio Astronomy e.g. Hong  
Science Topics
  Pulsar Science Overview Demorest may swap this with Maura's talk on NANOgrav
  NANOgrav McLaughlin  
  Extragalactic HI Surveys Henning  
  HI at low Column Density Pisano
  Galactic HI Lockman  
  Chinese VLBA results e.g. An Tao and others Preliminary results of Chinese program. Multiple programs approved -- could be several talks.
  Chinese submm projects and involvement in JCMT   EA Observatory took over operation of JCMT in March. 2-3 talks incl. overview and science talks
  Radio Loud and Radio Quiet Quasars Kellermann Paired with An Tao talk
  MOJAVE Homan  
  Megamasers/MCP e.g. Gao, Zhao, Braatz Update on progress, requirements for next generation instruments.
  Black Hole - Host Galaxy Scaling Relations Jenny Greene M-sigma, M-Mbulge, HST, Jenny works with Chinese colleagues already
  VLASS Beasley
New and Emerging Projects and Instruments
  The International SERA Project Prestage SERA = Software-Enabled Radio Astronomy. This is a proposal to the NSF PIRE Program (Partnerships for International Research and Education), This talk will include info on technical collaborations with SHAO, FAST, QTT
  First science with FAST e.g. Di Li status report. first light next year
  Instrumentation for FAST Steve Smith He is building a broadband RX for FAST
  ngVLA/NHA: Instrument Overview and Science Beasley
  FASR Bastian Project-oriented instrument session
  CSRH e.g. Yan Project-oriented instrument session
  EHT Doeleman Project-oriented instrument session
  21CMA Project-oriented instrument session
  Chinese Arctic Observatory Project-oriented instrument session
  QTT e.g. Na Wang New developments since GB meeting
  Chinese Space missions   CSMVA = Chinese Space mm VLBI Array; also, SULFRO is an ultta low freq array
  PAF Prestage or Jeffs  
  RadioAstron/VLBI tracking Alyson Ford  
  Spectrum management e.g. Haiyan Zhang Chinese radio spectrum expert
  RFI/EMI mitigation in China may include active cancellation techniques
  Chinese Participation in the SKA    

Other Business:

If there is interest we could arrange a "Community Days" style presentation before or after the workshop. This would be a 1-2 day event, separate from the workshop. It is aimed at starting graduate students and astronomers interesting in learning the basics of millimeter interferometry. It can include hands-on CASA reduction of ALMA data. Topics could include:
  • Radio Interferometry and ALMA:
    • Intro to NRAO facilities
    • Intro to radio and submm interferometry
    • ALMA capabilities
    • The ALMA OT
    • ALMA data: What is delivered, what is in the archive?
    • CASA imaging
    • Self calibration
    • Hands-on data reduction with CASA
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