• get CBI source-finding mocks working

  • rerun isos with Larry's source finding scripts for veto, instead of Jon's cruder method (JS or BSM)
    • rerun iso this with for the not-deeps
    • This all requires the GBT vs OVRO noise to be understood and believed
    • get the statistics in the tail of the iso distribution adequately

  • get fully marginalized significance of excess from MCMC chains. requires some tweaking and a new chain run.

  • CBI no WMAP EE run

  • put in Tim comments

  • iso PS
  • thermal noise PS
  • fix likelihoods? but this doesn't include the iso

  • some other test for pointing per se -- jon's split; new per night mock with scaled RMS to allow for deck angle.

  • Definitive splits (JS)
    • channel splits (something went wrong with this)

  • assessment of SZ template dependence?


  • FIGURE: ISO distribution
  • FIGURE: SI distribution and/or flux ratio distribution
  • FIGURE: SGBT Obs and noise fit -- perhaps the noise problem is in GBT?

  • FIGURE: SGBT vs SOVRO (detected flux scatterplot ; noise histogram)
  • WORDS: CBI map source finding.
  • WORDS: maximum likelihood analysis for SI or flux ratio.
  • WORDS: translation from ML to iso distr.

  • Refine GBT Noise estimate
    • write out files with individual noises -- compare to OVRO, run chain
    • vary boxcar size
    • compare medabsdev to RMS

  • rerun bright/faint sources separately with +/- 20% GBT noise
    • done, suggestive but not conclusive
    • compare +/-20% noise iso distr, with best iso distr
    • rerun with +/- 40% noise?

-- BrianMason - 20 Sep 2007
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