2020 NRAO/GBO Summer Student Information

General Information

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Who are the NRAO/GBO Summer Students?

The NRAO-CV summer students are:

  • Undergrads
    • Casey Block working with Adele Plunkett
    • Christa DeCoursey
    • Thomas Forrester
    • Diego Garcia
    • Emiko Gardiner
    • Abigail Harden
    • Savannah Woods
    • Josef Zimmerman

  • NINE program participants
    • John Beasley working with Brain Kent
    • Mauricio Rodriguez working with Brian Kent

  • Grad students
    • Elizabeth Teng (Northwestern) is working with Ryan Loomis
    • Mark Siebert (UVa) working with Tony Remijan
    • Maryam Hami working with Tony Remijan
    • Yiqing Song (UVa) working with Aaron Evans
    • Luca Beale (UVa) working with Jennifer Donovan Meyer
    • Kyle Massingill (ASU) working with Brian Mason

The GBO summer students are:

  • Undergrads
    • Gabriella "Lulu" Agazie
    • Savannah Cary
    • Genna Crom
    • Maile Harris
    • Isabel Hunt
    • Alexander Johnson
    • Daniel Johnson
    • Laura Leyzorek
    • Max Mason
    • Efrain Rodriguez-Arzaga
    • Olivia Young

The NRAO-NM summer students are:

  • Undergrads
    • Serena Cronin
    • Savannah Gramze
    • Trevor McCaffrey
    • Mihika Rao
    • Azia Robinson
    • Kadin Worthen

  • Grad students
    • Brian Kirk
    • Henry Prager
    • Nycole Wenner
    • Shrishti Yadav

Orientation Slides

  • To be filled in on May 26, after the orientation

Summer Lecture Series

We will have a weekly science lecture delivered by an NRAO staff member, mostly held on Tuesday afternoons. Check the calendar for exact times each week. All students should attend. We will also have a number of invited outside speakers presenting a variety of topics for career development.

  • June 11: Urvashi Rao (DSOC) "Imaging and deconvolution" slides
  • June 18: Brian Kent (CV) "Computing tools" slides
  • June 25: Laura Fissel (CV) "Star formation"
  • July 02: Natalie Butterfield (GB) "Molecular clouds" slides
  • July 09: Ryan Lynch (GB) "Pulsars"
  • July 16: Nithya Thyagarajan (DSOC) "Epoch of Reionisation"
  • July 23: Aaron Evans (CV) "Galaxies and galaxy evolution" slides
  • July 30: Rick Perley (DSOC) "Radio galaxies and AGN"


You will be set up with an NRAO computer account and access to NRAO computers and disk space. If you have problems or questions with computing, first try to resolve it with your fellow students or advisor or student coordinator, and if that fails you should write to the computing helpdesk: helpdesk-cv@nrao.edu

IDL Usage Policies

Since many summer students use IDL or GBTIDL, we would like to point out that there is a limited number of floating licenses for this package. See our IDL usage policies and best practices for information on IDL license usage.

End of Summer Presentation (Oral and Written)

Near the end of your appointment, undergrads will give a short (~15min) zoom talk to the scientific staff about your research. You will also write a report, which should be 4 pages minimum, outlining your summer research. Present your written report in PDF format to Jim Braatz by the end of August. You must hand in your written report on time to get financial support to attend the January AAS meeting (more info on that later).


Don't hesitate to ask Jim Braatz (jbraatz at nrao dot edu) or any NRAO staff member if you have questions.

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