Detailed Information for CH3OC2H5

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Laboratory Measurements: Fuchs, U., Winnewisser, G., Groner, P., De Lucia, F. C., and Herbst, E., Trans-Ethyl Methyl Ether: Assignments and Predictions up to 400 GHz for the Vibrational-Torsional Ground State, 2003, ApJS, 144, 277

Molecular Constants:
  • Dipole Moment: The electric dipole moment components of EME are mua = 0.146 D and mub = 1.165 D (Hayashi & Kuwada 1975).

Astronomical Detection: Fuchs, G. W., Fuchs, U., Giesen, T. F., and Wyrowski, F., Trans-Ethyl Methyl Ether in Space. A New Look at a Complex Molecule in Selected Hot Core Regions, 2005, A&A, 444, 521. Detected toward SgrB2(N) (although some skepticism must remain owing to spectral complexity).
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