Detailed Information for C4

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Laboratory Measurements: Taylor, T. R., Xu, C., & Neumark, D. M. 1998, J. Chem. Phys., 108, 10,018

Molecular Constants:
  • Dipole Moment: A(ν5 = 1–0) ~= 0.25 s-1 (Martin, François, & Gijbels 1991; Watts et al. 1992; Taylor & Martin 1996; see also Van Orden & Saykally 1998)

Astronomical Detection: Cernicharo, J., Goicoechea, J. R., and Benilan, Y., A New Infrared Band in Interstellar and Circumstellar Clouds: C4 or C4H?, 2002, ApJ, 580, L157. Carbon-rich evolved stars and SgrB2. ν5 band at 58 μm; could be assigned to C4H instead. If C4, abundance is ~10-7.
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