I follow these steps:

  • GB sparrow build instructions - modified as described in the next steps
  • sparrow.bash - in addition to changes noted in main instructions
    • set YGOR_TELESCOPE to $SPARROW_DIR/sparrow/gbt/api/ygor/test - don't source gbt.bash
    • remove or comment out the OOF related things through setting YGOR_ROOT
  • Changes necessary for the build to run here in CV in 64-bit machines
    • admin/linux-gcc.mak (the top-level config.mak is a symbolic link to this file
      • add "-I/users/monctrl/include" to INCLUDE
      • add "-L/users/monctrl/lib" to LIBPATH
      • add "-m32 -march=i686" to head of CPPFLAGS and LNKFLAGS
      • add these two lines before the MAKE.DLL line
           # CC
           CFLAGS += -m32
    • api/fitting/setup.py - these bring in the locally built gsl and blas includes and library"
      • add "/users/monctrl/include" to include_dirs, separated by a comma
      • add "/users/monctrl/lib" to library_dirs, separated by a comma
    • api/gsl/setup.py
      • same include_dirs and library_dirs changes as fitting, for the same reason
    • gbt/app/gbt2class/ClassWriter/swig/Makefile
      • add "-melf_i386" to ld fo ClassWriter_wrap.o line
      • add "-m32" to all gcc lines (4)

Unit tests that will fail here because it's here, not because the test is broken.
  • SamplerDataTest: testRealArchive
  • SDFITSWriterTests: testUsingArchive
  • turtle tests fail to even start because telescope.gbt.config doesn't exist as a module here
  • All benchmarks fail because of failure to connect to benchmarks databases

-- BobGarwood - 2010-01-28
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