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From Ray 01/14/2016:
  • All the stuff resides and runs in /opt/dibas of host bl-head, and the bc0-n compute nodes.
  • The source for the guppi_daq that David uses is in his home directory on bl-head, but I cloned it (git) here:
    • /home/sandboxes/rcreager/btl/src/guppi_daq
  • The current code is in branch 'davidm-branch'.
  • The DealerPlayer stuff is in a new git repo at
    • /home/sandboxes/rcreager/btl/src/DealerPlayer

Ray wrote: If you clone that, the code they are using is at the top of the 'master' head. I've made a good number of modifications to enhance robustness, but haven't pushed them to that repo yet.

-- JoeBrandt - 2016-04-03
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