Behind the Curtain of Dust III (Sesto 2019)

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Photo Gallery for BCDIII

Presentations given at the Behind the Curtain of Dust III conference held in Sesto Italy July 1-5, 2019

BCD2019 Conference Photo

Table of Contents:

Day 1: Monday July 1, 2019

AGN Torii and Galaxy Nuclei I (Chair: Jay Gallagher)

AGN Torii and Galaxy Nuclei II (Chair: Almudena Alonso-Herrero)

  • Nick Scoville - Arp 220 ALMA Imaging of CO 1-0, 2-1 and 3-2
  • Eduardo Gonzalez-Alfonso - The Greenhouse Effect in Buried Galactic Nuclei: Models for the Continuum and HCN Vibrational Emission
  • Kazushi Sakamoto – Three Buried Galactic Nuclei
  • Christian Henkel - On the Nuclear Regions of Nearby Active Galaxies

Astrochemistry and Physical Conditions I (Chair: Elias Brinks)

Astrochemistry and Physical Conditions II (Chair: Nanase Harada)

Day 2: Tuesday July 2, 2019

AGN Torii and Galaxy Nuclei III (Chair: Paul van der Werf)

AGN Torii and Galaxy Nuclei IV (Chair: Anne Medling)

Star Formation in LIRGs and ULIRGs I (Chair: Dave Sanders)

Discussion Session I: AGN Obscuration - Morphology and Kinematics (Leads: Alonso-Herrero, Santi Garcia-Burillo, Susanne Aalto, Kazushi Sakamoto)

Discussion Session II: Astrochemistry (Leads: Serena Viti, Nanase Harada, Jeff Mangum)

Discussion Session III: Star Formation I (Leads: George Privon, Elias Brinks)

Day 3: Wednesday July 3, 2019


Day 4: Thursday July 4, 2019

Star Formation in LIRGs and ULIRGs (continued) (Chair: Serena Viti)

Feedback I (Chair: Serena Viti)

High Redshift and Linking to Nearby URLIRGs (Chair: George Privon)

Feedback II (Chair: Takuma Izumi)

High Redshift and Linking to Nearby ULIRGs II (Chair: Tanio Diaz-Santos)

Discussion Session IV: Star Formation II (Leads: George Privon, Elias Brinks)

Discussion Session V: Feedback (Leads: Jay Gallagher, Chiara Feruglio, Anne Medling)

Discussion Session VI: High Redshift and Low Metallicity (Leads: Dave Sanders, Leslie Hunt, Thomas Greve)

Day 5: Friday July 5, 2019

Final Discussion Session (Lead: Katey Alatalo)

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