Behind the Curtain of Dust II (Sesto 2017)

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Presentations given at the Behind the Curtain of Dust II conference held in Sesto Italy July 3-7, 2017


Table of Contents:

Abstract Book for presentations given at the Behind the Curtain of Dust II conference held in Sesto Italy July 3-7, 2017

Day 1: Monday July 3, 2017

Galaxy Nuclei -- Extreme Resolution Observations and Obscured AGN (Chair: Jean Turner)

  • Santiago Garcia-Burillo: Feeding and Feedback in NGC1068: ALMA Imaging of the Torus and the Outflow
  • Loreto Barcos-Munoz: ALMA's View of the Arp220 Disks from 30pc Resolution Observations of Dense Gas Tracers
  • Kazushi Sakamoto: Dust Obscured Galactic Nuclei
  • Susanne Aalto: Compact Dusty Nuclei at 5 pc Resolution and the Onset of Feedback
  • Masatoshi Imanishi: ALMA Molecular Gas Observations of Luminous Infrared Galaxies as a Tool to Scrutinize Elusive Deeply Buried AGN
  • Kotaro Kohno: Molecular Gas Properties of the Heavily Obscured Active Nucleus Selected by Swift/BAT All Sky Survey
  • Takuma Izumi: Do Circumstellar Dense Gas Disks Drive the Growth and Obscuration of Central Supermassive Black Holes?
  • Andrea Comastri: The Evolution of Obscuring Gas: An X-ray Perspective
  • Claudio Ricci: (U)LIRGs at Hard X-rays

Astrochemistry and Modelling (Chair: Kotaro Kohno)

  • Serena Viti: Characterizing the Dense Gas in the CND and Starburst Ring of NGC1068
  • Keiichi Wada: Molecular, Atomic, and Ionized Gas Around AGNs with Starbursts
  • Nanase Harada: Chemical Compositions in an Infrared Bright Merger NGC3256

Discussion Session: Key Molecular Tracers -- Physical Conditions and Chemistry (Leads: Nanase Harada and Jeff Mangum)

Day 2: Tuesday July 4, 2017

Isotopic Ratios and Star Formation in LIRGs and ULIRGs (Chair: Francesco Costagliolia)

  • Christian Henkel: Nucleosynthesis and Molecular Isotope Ratios in Extragalactic Systems
  • Kazimierz Sliwa: Revisiting 13CO in Luminous Infrared Galaxies
  • Sabine Koenig: Gas Flows in Minor Mergers: Molecular Gas Feeding the Central Starbursts in NGC1614 and the Medusa Merger
  • Rebeca Aladro: High Resolution Observations of the ULIRG Mrk273

Physical Conditions (Chair: Kazushi Sakamoto)

  • Jeff Mangum: Characterizing the Volume Density and Kinetic Temperature in Starburst Galaxies
  • Carlotta Gruppioni: Towards an Understanding of the ISM in Galaxies Through the Combination of High-Resolution ALMA Data and a Coherent Modeling of the Gas Photoionization
  • Liz Humphreys: Extragalactic Water Masers
  • Toshiki Saito: Revealing Physical, Chemical, and Morphological Structures of Nearby Luminous Infrared Galaxies

Feedback in Local LIRGs and ULIRGs (Chair: Serena Viti)

  • Sylvain Veilleux: Multi-Phase Outflows in ULIRGs
  • Katey Alatalo: What Molecular Gas Teaches Us About AGN Feedback
  • Antonio Usero: ALMA Resolves the Link Between Star Formation and the Cold Molecular Outflow of NGC1614
  • Claudia Cicone: Comparing Different Tracers of Molecular Outflows -- A Test on NGC6240
  • Michelle Consiglio: ALMA Reveals Potential Localized Dust Enrichment from Massive Star Clusters in a Local Starburst Galaxy
  • Niklas Falstad: VLA Detection of a Fast Nuclear Outflow in the Dusty Core of Zw049.057

Discussion Session: Outflows (Leads: Antonio Usero and Katey Alatalo)

Day 3: Wednesday July 5, 2017

Physical Conditions and Galaxy Evolution (Chair: Alonso-Herrero)

  • Francesco Costagliola: Tracing the AGN/Starburst Co-Evolution in Compact Obscured Nuclei
  • Thomas Greve: Harnessing [CI] as a Tracer of Molecular Gas in Starburst Galaxies
  • George Privon: Physical Conditions of the (Dense) Molecular Gas in (U)LIRGs
  • Tomoka Tosaki: Physical and Chemical Properties of GMCs in Nearby Spiral Galaxies
  • Leslie Hunt: Physical Conditions of the Molecular Gas in Low-Metallicity Starbursts

Day 4: Thursday July 6, 2017

High Redshift and Linking to Nearby ULIRGs (Chair: Thomas Greve)

  • Kirsten Knudsen: Molecular Gas in High-z AGN Host Galaxies and Their Environment
  • Roberto Maiolino: Inflows and Outflows in Primeval Galaxies
  • Paul van der Werf: Spatially-Resolved H2O Emission and Outflows in Gravitationally Lensed High Redshift Galaxies
  • Axel Weiss: Determining the Molecular Gas Mass in High-z and Local Starbursts
  • Dimitra Rigopoulou: Bridging Near and Distant ULIRGs

Star Formation and AGNs in (U)LIRGs (Chair: Paul van der Werf)

  • Miguel Perez-Torres: Radio Continuum Diagnostics of Star Formation and AGN Activity in ULIRGs
  • Tanio Diaz-Santos: Gas and Dust Properties of Luminous Infrared Galaxies -- A Herschel Perspective
  • Almudena Alonso-Herrero: Peering Through the Nuclear Dust of Local (U)LIRGs with Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy

Star Formation and Cloud Properties (Chair: Claudia Cicone)

  • Jean Turner: The Formation of Massive Star Clusters
  • Jonathan Tan: GMC Populations Across Galactic Environments
  • Adam Ginsburg: High Mass Star Formation in our Galaxy's Most Extreme Environments
  • Jens Kauffmann: Lessons from the Milky Way: Galactic Center and Molecular Lines
  • Betsy Mills: Insights from the Galactic Center

Discussion Session: High Redshift Versus Local Starbursts, AGN, and Galactic Star Formation (Leads: Adam Ginsburg, Jonathan Tan, and Kirsten Knudsen)

Day 5: Friday July 7, 2017

Discussion Session: ALMA in the Multiwavelength Perspective (Leads: Andrea Comastri, Dimitra Rigopoulou, Claudio Ricci, and Miguel Perez-Torres)

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